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Monday, August 31, 2009

Scrap N Play!!!!

I am so excited for my Clubs to start again! We all had a fun summer break but I know my Club ladies are pumped for September club to start! They were so Cute Friday night when I shared with them the new format- the LOVED it! I am so happy they saw the HUGE value they are getting with Club! I love my club ladies, we have a lot of fun together and I would love for you to join us! You can join local or can scrap by mail!
Each month you will receive a Kit to create 2 beautiful 12 x 12 double layouts AND 12 handmade cards- the choice is yours. Love just Cards…then make them all and have fun creating other designs too. Just love Scrapping then create the 2 beautiful layouts and have extras to play with just like before. OR want to dabble in both…YOU CAN! I just LOVE this new format!

Each Month you will receive a Basic Kit for $29.95! In your basic Kit you will receive
*A level 2-paper pack (12.95 retail value)
*An EXCLUSIVE B-size stamp set. You only can get this stamp in the Kit of the Month…not found in our catalog! ($13.95 retail value)
*Full Color Instruction Booklet and detailed instructions by me.
*A Full accessory to add Pizzazz to your pages. In September it is the Rustic Edge Anchors- a complete packet. Each month the accessory changes to match the artwork.
PLUS you have the option to add on to your Kit to make it Custom to your needs and artwork wishes!!!!

So how does this work?

Local- first please fill out the 6-moth contract( I will send to you via email), set up your payment option, and then simply come to my house on the 3rd Friday of every month for the morning (9:30am) or evening session (7:30pm) and we will create together!!! How fun and simple is that?!?

Long Distance: please fill out the 6-month contract( I will send to you via email). Each month you will be sent an emailed invoice for the Basic Kit ($29.95 plus shipping and tax) and if you choose any additional items. Around the 15th of each month your custom Kit will be delivered right to your door by that lovely Man in Brown!

How does the Custom Designed Kits work you Ask???
Oh so simple! Each month you will receive a Shopping List via email from me. Simply check the items you would like to add to your basic kit and your Custom Kit will be put together for you! Here is an example using September’s Shopping List for Club:

*Basic Kit for $29.95
-My Reflections Grace Level 2 Paper Packet
-My Acrylix Beautiful Flourish Stamp Set
-Rustic Edge Anchors
-Workshop Guide

*Best Option
-Z1206 Basic Craft Buttons $7.95 _______
_Z1247 Crystal Blue Waxy Flax $3.95 _________

*Other items you need to complete the project on your own if you do not own them
-X1410 Colonial White 50 pack of cards and envelopes $14.95 _____
-z2160 Twilight Blue Ink Pad $5.25 ______
-Z2114 Coco Ink Pad $5.25 ______
-Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit $5.95 _____
-Y1001 Block 1x1 ½ $4.50 ____
-Y1002 Block 1 x 3 ½ $5.95 ____
-Y1003 Block 2x2 $6.50 _____
-Y1010 Block 2 x 6 ½ $9.95 _____

Things to keep in mind: Required purchase is the Basic Kit each month for $29.95
All other add ons are your choice and they will count towards your Preferred Customer Club Rewards!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me- craftingdivas@cox.net or call me! Looking forward to creating awesome artwork with you soon!

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