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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jammed Pack!

Whew...I think Josh and I have officially worn the kids and ourselves out! We packed a lot into the past 3 days but it was so fun! I just love that each day can hold a new adventure for us here and that we are taking in as much as we can during our time in Virginia.

When I was a kid my Daddy was stationed at the Pentagon too. We lived about 10 miles west of where I live now and I have such vivid and fond memories of our 4 years in VA. I was in school for 4th-7th grade in Virginia and the field trips alone were something you could not experience anywhere else! I am so excited my kids get to experience the same opportunities too and I wonder if it has awaken a little historian in them? My parents firmly believe that a lot of the exposure I had during 4th-7th grade made such a profound influence on me that when I went off to college I wanted to learn more. I was an American History and Political Science junkie and I LOVED everything I learned then and still continue to learn. I love making History FUN and exciting for children - we are truly a blessed Nation and I hope my children grow up with a full understanding of that and what their own Daddy contributes to this great Nation.

On Sunday we explored the American History Museum. The exhibits they have are great and I honestly could spend A LOT of time in there. We had done half the museum back in December but it was so crowded we could not see everything. So I was happy to spend a lot of time

exploring around and taking it all in. We also went over to the Smithsonian Castle and the kids
got to see the great Pile of LOOT from the Movie! Plus they have the first American Idol set of chairs on display! From the movie they have created a great Treasure Hunt for the kids to do at each museum- this really helped keep Patrick engaged and eager to explore! After the Museums we drove over to Teddy Roosevelt Island. This is an amazing natural and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of DC. In the middle of the Island is a monument dedicated to this great President. They had 4 of his quotes surrounding him and I loved reflecting on their powerful and subtle meanings- I will share these with you tomorrow! Teddy is one of my favorite presidents and I think after the quotes tomorrow you might have a better understanding why. :) We headed home for a little rest and to let our dog out for a bit.

Then we were off again to take in an early evening National's Baseball Game. Patrick was so excited to see two games in a ROW! The Brewers won last night which made Ireland very happy! see Sunday's post to understand why.

Today we were back at it again! We did the Capitol Tour which was honestly a MAJOR let down from the tour I did when I was a child. Today we watch a great informative movie- thought it helped explain things to my kids. Then we walked into the Rotunda, then the first senate/house chambers, and then the crypt underneath and that was it! I guess you have to request special passes to see the Senate and House floors. I am not too disappointed since Congress is not in session right now but I would have like the children to have seen it in person too! I mean they see Mommy watching it on Cspan! HA! Next time I go to the Hill I will be sure to have all the right passes and to go when they are in session. :) (and be sure NOT to have food or water with you- not allowed!!! I thought we all were going to have a meltdown and make the news for sure!).

After the Capitol we took the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress. I have never been here before and it was an amazing building on the inside- simply stunning! I was overcome by viewing Thomas Jefferson's personal collection of books he donated to start the Library of Congress. Even Ireland was amazed at the vastness of his collection and simply asked, "Did he read all these books." I told her yes and look at how much he studied and learned isn't that incredible!

We then walked back down the Mall towards the Washington Monument and we took the tour up the elevator to the top! The kids had fun seeing the city from way up high. Josh was VERY disappointed that he could not walk the stairs down! It is only 550 feet up...no big deal to him! :) I think the kids and I were thankful for the elevator ride.

Now we are home and resting and talking about the next adventures we will take when we have the chance. I just love that all of this is in our backyard! Tomorrow I need to get working and prepping for a fun Friday night to share the New Fall/Winter Idea Book with you and the new Clubs for the Fall! Looking forward to seeing you! I will also be mailing out Idea Books this week....make sure to email me if you would like to be on my mailing list! :)

Enjoy the pictures!

~Jennifer :)

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  1. What a wonderful 3 day adventure. I think some of my love of history also came from visiting Washington DC several times as a child. I get chills every time I think about being there next summer!