excited to share all the stories from our house and my creative endeavors! I hope this blog will inspire you to find that Creative Diva that is in all of us!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my lil' punkins!

Oh my...it is Halloween time! I love fall and I love enjoying it in Virginia! It is so fun to see the leaves change and enjoy the temperature changes, smells and sights- LOVE IT! The kids and I have been so busy lately. I took them to a local pumpkin place after Piano lessons today for them to pick out their pumpkins- we had fun! It was fun to see all the different types of pumpkins and Patrick of course had to pick out all the ones that were not standard- that would be my individual guy for you!

I am looking forward to the upcoming Craft Fair I will be at on Saturday November 7th. It will be so much fun to meet new faces and see familiar ones. I am also looking forward to after the craft fair so I will have my creative time back- shh don't tell anyone. :)

Until then I am enjoying making things for the craft fair, playing with the kiddos and getting ready for Halloween- Trick or Treat!!! :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

feeling like giving....

so I saw this ADORABLE Blog Award and wanted to give it to my favorite bloggers! I just love their blogs, fun sense of self and cannot wait to hear their answers! So here we go....

1. Tina
2. Karen
3. Tiffany
4. Christine
5. Angie
6. Shannon

So here is the deal ladies.... The Rules are:
1. You can only use ONE word!!!
2. Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers!
3. Alert them that you have given them this award!
4. HAVE FUN!!!

Now the FUN PART!!!!
1. Where is your cell phone?
2. Your hair?
3. Your mother?
4. Your father?
5. Your favorite food?
6. Your dream last night?
7. Your favorite drink?
8. Your dream/goal?
9. What room are you in?
10. Your hobby
11. Your fear?
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years?
13. Where were you last night?
14. Something that you aren't?
15. Muffins?
16. Wish list item?
17. Where did you grow up?
18. Last thing you did?
19. What are you wearing?
20. Your TV?
21. Your Pets?
22. Friends?
23. Your life?
24. Your mood?
25. Missing Someone?
26. vehicle?
27. Something your not wearing?
28. Your favorite store?
29. Your favorite color?
30. When was the last time you laughed?
31. Last time you cried?
32. Your best friend?
33. One place that I go to over and over?
34. One person who emails me regularly?
35. Favorite place to eat?

Hugs to you!!!!
~Jennifer :)

visited Ireland in her City Classroom today...

WOW!!!! I am so impressed with Ireland's new school and her amazing teacher this year! WOWSA- makes me want to go back to school or to teaching!!! They are doing a great unit right now where their classroom is a city. Each student had to apply for a job including what qualifications they had, refrences, etc. Then once their career was selected they had to get to work. Ireland applied to be an Entrepreneur and hmm go figure she wanted to do Handmade Cards, pictures and homemade Fudge! She named her store front- Bohnart Creations!!! You could say I was a meany but I told her this was her job and she had to do the work, meaning the cards needed to be made by her! She spent about 3 days making cards and doing individual drawings.

Today I got to go visit her in her City and help the bankers look over their books. I was so impressed! The kids are learning about Check Registers, Deposits, Balancing a Checkbook, purchasing insurance, and so much more. They are having so much FUN that they don't really notice how much they are truly learning and obsorbing! I am loving this and hoping the FISCAL responsibility continues to the homefront! :)

Here are some pictures of her today with her friends at school. It was also Sport's Day so she was sportin her AF Falcon Pride- her Daddy would be so proud! She also wore her Green Bay Packer sweatshirt but their classroom is SUPER warm!

my purchases I made in the City...the Mayor gave the Auditors $5 each to spend!

~Jennifer :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

It feels like Christmas already to me and I am so EXCITED to share it with you....

Stampaganza is BACK!!!!! YIPPEE! Starting November 3, 2009 and lasting until November 30, 2009- You can Buy 2 Stamp Sets and Get ONE FREE!!! This is a great way to stock up on those stamp sets you been wanting to purchase and just think about all the gifts too!!! Do you need to create a wishlist for that special santa in your house??? Just email me and I can get you all set up! Tell your Santa I even gift wrap too!!! :)

I just could not contain my excitement and had to share ASAP! This is also a great time to have a fun night or day with your girlfriends for some FUN Stamp Therapy plus earn even more goodies for free!!! And there is always the ever popular Catalog Party- share the love!!!! My November is filling up FAST so contact me soon to get your Stamping Therapy Session scheduled soon!

I look forward to hearing from you soon! I also would love to see you at the Island Creek Elementary Craft Fair on November 7, 2009. There will be over 60 craft vendors with amazing goodies to sell- great way to get unique and special holiday gifts! And stay tuned....I am planning a FUN Santa's Workshop for Friday December 4, 2009 and/or December 5, 2009!!! I will be announcing all the fun details for this event pretty soon!!!

~Jennifer :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

more exciting Studio J News!!!

I just love my job and I love sharing all the fun and exciting news with you!!!! Each Thursday night consultants receive an informative email from the company on upcoming promotions, incentives and any other exciting news to share. Well tonight was about one of my favorite and exciting things CTMH has created- STUDIO J!!!! To say I am excited to play and create with this new tool is a MAJOR understatement!

I love how much detail, time and effort CTMH takes in every new product they develop and launch. Studio J is no different- it is GOING TO ROCK! So I thought it would be fun to share with you the great news they released to us as you will see how much work they put into a product and how much they reward their consultants too. You could be one too!!! I would love to have you join my team- I love working with my team ( my friends!). Interested???? Check out my website to join or email me at craftingdivas@cox.net with any questions you may have- I would love to help you along your journey!

LAUNCH PHASES AND TIMING Studio J will be launched in four phases—stair-stepping the release gives leaders and business builders earliest opportunities to familiarize themselves with the software, so they can better support their teams and large customer bases. All Consultants will have preview access to take advantage of our great discounted pricing and experience Studio J before customers see the product in the spring. The four phases and groups are as follows: 1. All Leadership 2009 attendees: November 2009 2. All Consultants with an active MyCTMH Tier II site: January 2010 3. All Consultants: February 2010 4. Customer launch: March 2010

PRICING Retail pricing for Studio J layouts is $12.95 US/$15 CAN, with introductory promotions that include free shipping and page protectors. During the preview period, Consultants will be given the chance at an unbelievable deal: layouts discounted to just $9.95/$11.70 each—and fully commissionable. You may order up to 10 discounted preview layouts, either in a single order or in multiple orders. Shipping charges apply, and no free page protectors are available during the preview period. PAPER AND PRODUCTION Leadership attendees were given a sample layout at the event. Since that time, we have upgraded our process and will now provide “100-year” archival quality paper that is used by top professional photographers and uses silver halide processing, the gold standard in photo processing. The paper isn’t specified as either glossy or matte. It’s shinier than a true matte, but it’s flatter than a glossy stock. We’re excited about this upgrade, which will give your layouts great color vibrancy and lasting quality. Colors will be rich yet will vary slightly from “classic” B&T and cardstock papers using the same colors. This is intentional and required for Studio J’s unique processing and papers. We’re excited to share a layout with you—for all those who attended Leadership, you will be receiving a new sample layout that showcases our upgraded paper and new color process. It’s already on its way in the mail to you
Stay TUNED!!! As I am so excited I get to start playing in NOVEMBER and share with you the fabulous layouts I create with just a click on my computer! WOO-HOO!!!!!!!

~Jennifer :)

ps- have you check out the Studio J website yet??? simply go to www.studioj.com- and see what is in-store!

AND DO YOU REMEMBER the GREAT Promotion for this month????.... STUDIO SPLURGE

When you join my Team during the Month of October you will have the opportunity to earn 10 FREE Studio J Layouts for FREE!!!!!!!! so imagine....you can get 10 for FREE and then another 10 at the incredible discount they are offering consultants during the Preview Period! Life is GOOD!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

It's a Wrap!

I love making my own wrapping paper and cards. All I need is plain brown wrap, some ink pads and a fun stamp set and then VOILA! I have a beautiful, unique wrapped gift!!! It is fun to have the kids do it too!

Just think with some inks and different stamp sets you will always have the type of wrapping paper you need! Just some imagination and you are only limited by your own creativity!

We have so many stamp sets to choose from and tons of themes...visit my website to start exploring and I am always here to help assist you in any way I can. :)

~Jennifer :)

Club FUN!!!

We had a great time last night! I just love Club days!!!! I had fun making my Club customers fun little thank you "happies" for joining. I also have fun spoiling my club members if they bring someone and that friend joins and if they bring back completed pages or creative fun things they have made. I just love sharing!

Bethany got the Rockstar award last night for using up all the bits and pieces from her Grace Workshop kit. She made 2 extra double layouts that were just beautiful and more cards. I was so amazed with her creativity and use of paper! Way to go Bethany!

I am looking forward to next month and we get to play with Sweet Home...stay tuned for some fun artwork and creations. Would you like to join the fun? You can play near or far! Just email me and I will let you know all the fun details!!!!

~Jennifer :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh the things Patrick says!

Don't you just love all the milestones your kids journey through??? We had a big event tonight during bedtime routine- Patrick lost his first tooth! He worked on that wiggly bugger for about 15 minutes and refused for me to help. I was so amazed at his little determined spirit- he was bound and determined it would come out tonight!

So many of his friends started loosing teeth in Kindergarten last year and he just did not understand why his were not wiggly yet! The look of pure joy a few weeks ago when he realized he had his first wiggly tooth was priceless. And as if all this was not sweet enough he brought the whole experience to another level which I will ALWAYS remember!

As he was laying in bed checking his tooth out after he pulled it out he looked up at me and asked "Mommy why does the tooth fair collect teeth? Is that for real?" Oh his face was such a Patrick face- the are you serious she really collects teeth face! I worked so hard at not laughing and had to make up a great story about the Tooth fairy- what a great night to remember!

~Jennifer :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Halloween and Fall Cards....

Here is some fall inspiration! I had fun creating this 1st card and after I was done I thought I should drag out of hiding my favorite fall cards from over the years and share with you!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy looking at them! All of these cards, a layout and paper crafts were created using all Close To My Heart Products! So much to love! Be sure to check out my website if you are in need of new Fall Stamps, ink colors and/or papers! I just love it all, don't you???

These next three items were designed and created by a dear friend of mine, Rae Bangs! Rae is an extremely talented artist and also a Close To My Heart consultant. Rae and I would have so much fun creating together- I so miss those fun, crazy times!!! Hugs to you Rae!

Happy Fall Y'all!!!


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clubbing!- the fun of it!

I just love my monthly Scrap n Play Clubs! We have so much fun together and love creating pages and now cards- life is good! I even have long distant customers that join the fun with my Club to Go kits- easy peasy! Do you need inspiration? Want to knock out a couple of layouts and cards each month? Then come join the fun near or far! Local club meets on the 3rd Friday of every month at 9:30am or 7:30pm at my house. I would love to have you join us or come check it out....simply email me at craftingdivas@cox.net!
Basically for $29.95(plus shipping and tax) you get the basics to create beautiful pages. Kick it up a notch with the great Best Options and you can add beautiful dimension to your pages. And the great part is you always have paper left over to create more fun creations! I just love the value of Close To My Heart Products! -click on the picture of the cards and you will see two of each design. (One is done with the basic kit and the other with the best option). Scroll down to see the layouts for this month too!
Here is our shopping list for October:

Basic Kit for $29.95
-My Reflections Twitterpatted Level 2 Paper Packet
-My Acrylix Bsize Exclusive Stamp Set
-Desinger Ribbon Chocolate Collection
-Workshop Guide and extra directions by me.

*Best Option
-z1230 Elements Organic $3.95 _______
-z280 Natural Hemp $2.25 ______
-z1218 Brads Basic assortment $4.95 ______

*Other items you need to complete the project on your own if you do not own them

-Z2111 Chocolate Ink Pad $5.25 ____________
-z2164 Sorbet Ink Pad $5.25 _____________
-z2153 Sweet Leaf Ink Pad $5.25 _____________

-X1410 Colonial White cards and envelopes (50 qty) Value Pack $14.95 ______
-Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit $5.95 ____________
-Z679 Liquid Glass $6.95 _____________
-Z697 Sponge $1.25 _____________
-z1009 Pivot Point Stapler $12.95 ____________

Page one of the 1st layout- love how the ribbon adds a fun texture and feel to these pages. I need to create a title for this layout- hmmm....suggestions???

page two for the 1st layout- need to add my journaling to that colonial white piece of cardstock. oops! :)

page one of the second layout- love how fun and happy these pages are...just need to find the right pictures to add to them! :)

I just love having Scrapbook Pages done and Ready- just add photos! LOVE IT!

Friday, October 9, 2009

another creative gal in the house....

Well, I made a big mistake! Josh is off to a wedding in Jacksonville, FL and took the camera! EEK! I had some artwork I wanted to take pictures of and did not realize how much I need my camera!!!! Hopefully he will take some great pictures of our friends and all will be for not. And I can spend the weekend cleaning, playing and hopefully will have more fun things to share next week.

But as I was looking through my photos to see if there was anything to share I stumbled across two pictures of artwork Ireland had done last year. She is amazing! I can only draw a stick person but since about the age of 5 she has been cranking out some serious art pieces! So I thought it would be fun to brag and show you how talented this girl is- LOVE HER!

Have a fabulous weekend!!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Top Ten List!

Okay so I am no David Letterman but I thought it would be fun to give you my Top 10 Reasons why I love being a Close To My Heart Consultant!!!! and I have a feeling you will love these reasons too and I would love to share this opportunity with you!

#10. I get a discount everytime I shop!
~never pay full price ☺

#9. Low Quarterly Minimums-
~only $300 in retail sales(get a discount off of that) compared to $500 from our competitors.

#8. Freedom to be ME!!!
~Work the hours I want, create what I want, share when I want and no Pressure ( only what I put on myself tee-hee!).

#7. Fabulous Art Inspiration
~Being a CTMH consultant has opened great doors to me Artistically and I love our Corporate Bulletin Boards where fellow CTMH consultants share their artwork and fab creations. I am never in a dry spell! We truly are the let me show you how company! ☺

#6. I get paid to PLAY!!!!
~I love scrapbooking, making cards, and paper crafts! It is so fun to share this with other and earn a paycheck at the same time! Woo-Hoo! I GET TO WORK FROM HOME AND BE THERE FOR MY KIDDOS!

#5. No Boundaries-
~my job moves with me! ☺ When I move I don’t have to worry about looking for a new place to work and going through that process over and over. I just take it with me wherever I go and I work with my team from whatever state I live in!

#4. Incredible Training
~Just want to be a hobbyist that is okay but ready to take the steps in working this as a business??? -CTMH has an incredible training academy that will give you the tools you need to succeed! PLUS I work with my team members making sure you achieve what you desire!

#3. You can Earn All Expense Paid Trips!
~WOWSA!!!! All from sharing my love of paper and stamps I earned an All expenses paid cruise to the Medittereanen!!!! Oh I love my fun job!

~This is a HUGE blessing in my life with the amount I move and have to reconnect. I have a great group of CTMH sisters and my amazing team- LOVE IT!

#1. Seriously this is the best decision I have made!
~After 4 years I am more in love with Close to My Heart and keep finding myself asking- how did they do it again??? They just keep getting better and better!
I cannot wait to see where it takes me next! Won’t you join me on this great adventure????

I hope there is something here that perked your interest! I would love to hear from you and help you start on your incredible journey with CTMH! You can click here to join and learn more, email me at craftingdivas@cox.net with questions or heck I love to chat....850-217-7034.

~Jennifer :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

it's a Studio J SPLURGE!!!!

October is a great month to decide to join the fun of Close to my Heart and my team- The Crafting Divas! Oh I just love my job! So much fun to get paid doing what you love and sharing that with everyone! During the month of October when you join CTMH you get the opportunity to earn 10 Free Studio J Scrapbook Layouts using our premier online studio software, Studio J! Oh I just love Studio J and the endless possibilities it offers plus how user FRIENDLY it is! LOVE IT! And would you love to get a discount on your Studio J designed layouts plus all the great CTMH products??? Then joining my team will be the best decision you ever made! To find out what all the Studio J excitment is about- visit www.studioj.com

Do you have questions or want to chat more about this great opportunity- I would love to with you! Feel free to call me at 850-217-7034 or email me at craftingdivas@cox.net and we can have a great chat about all the great benefits of joining this great team and company! Ready to take the plunge? Just go to my website and join right online!

I look forward to working with you and helping you with whatever creative project you have your sights on!

~Jennifer :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

what a great weekend!

Going to the Air Force vs Navy game yesterday was a huge blast for everyone in my house! It was even more special because our dear friends, The Hagans, came to share with us! It was so fun for them to meet our kids (or the circus as well call it) and the kids adored Chuck and Cherie Lynn. My favorite comment from Patrick was he wanted to play catch with Mr. Hagan not Mommy because Mr. Hagan is a boy and he knows what he is doing! Oh so funny! Then Ireland had fun with Cherie Lynn- how can you not?!? Those girls were so cute picking out outfits, accessories, and putting the look together! Just wished they lived closer...oh we say that about so many friends and family....Air Force life is hard that way when you cannot be close to those you love!

It was a great day filled with many memories! I love Josh sharing with the children the traditions and values of his great school (and my Daddy's). It fills you with pride and adoration to see these young men and women still committed and filled with a great sense of honor and duty to serve their country. They may play football, or do other fun activities at the Academy but at the end of the day these young men and women are the future of our Military and I am so thankful to them for continuing this selfless duty! Hoorah!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

fun weekend!

Oh I am so excited, our friends Chuck and Cherie Lynn Hagan are arriving any minute to spend the weekend with us! Aren't they the cutest???

We had such a great time on the Med cruise together last October!! Uur boys hit it off- such fun memories! I have gabbed and gabbed about their visit and how much fun we are going to have at the game tomorrow! Let the "Shop" talk begin and the rivalry between Air Force and Navy commence! Woo-Hoo!!!


~Jennifer :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Plant Smiles, Grow Laughs, Harvest Love

I am so happy I made one of these fun 6x6 paper albums! If you remember my roomie from Leadership, Cherie Lynn, sent me some cute "happies" and one was a 6x6 album. I told you then that I couldn't wait to make one myself! and voila I did- but I made 2 of the same one! :) I gave one away as a baby shower gift and the proud Mommy to be LOVED it! So fun when someone else appreciates your time and talents. :)

Do you want to play and make one too? Okay here is what you need- 1 12x12 piece of cardstock cut in half to 6x12. Then fold this piece in half which will make a 6x6 folded card base.

Next take another piece of cardstock and trim it to 10x10. Then score in half lenthwise and then horizontal. This will make 4 squares. Take your trimmer and cut along the left horizontal line until you reach the middle. This cut will allow you to fold the squares. Then cut accent paper and decorate as you desire! So FUN! I think these would be cute for Christmas gifts in our adorable new Jingle Paper!!!! Cannot wait to try that next!

CTMH products used: X7114B Bella Level 2 Paper Pack, Z1033 Just Blooms Paper Flowers, z1300 White Daisy Variety Pack, Z1035 Cottage Edge Ancors.

~Jennifer :)

ps- Cannot wait my buddy Cherie Lynn and her adorable hubby are coming to visit tomorrow! YIPPEE!!!! We are headed to the Navy/Air Force Game on Saturday. GO AIR FORCE!!!! :)