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Friday, October 23, 2009

visited Ireland in her City Classroom today...

WOW!!!! I am so impressed with Ireland's new school and her amazing teacher this year! WOWSA- makes me want to go back to school or to teaching!!! They are doing a great unit right now where their classroom is a city. Each student had to apply for a job including what qualifications they had, refrences, etc. Then once their career was selected they had to get to work. Ireland applied to be an Entrepreneur and hmm go figure she wanted to do Handmade Cards, pictures and homemade Fudge! She named her store front- Bohnart Creations!!! You could say I was a meany but I told her this was her job and she had to do the work, meaning the cards needed to be made by her! She spent about 3 days making cards and doing individual drawings.

Today I got to go visit her in her City and help the bankers look over their books. I was so impressed! The kids are learning about Check Registers, Deposits, Balancing a Checkbook, purchasing insurance, and so much more. They are having so much FUN that they don't really notice how much they are truly learning and obsorbing! I am loving this and hoping the FISCAL responsibility continues to the homefront! :)

Here are some pictures of her today with her friends at school. It was also Sport's Day so she was sportin her AF Falcon Pride- her Daddy would be so proud! She also wore her Green Bay Packer sweatshirt but their classroom is SUPER warm!

my purchases I made in the City...the Mayor gave the Auditors $5 each to spend!

~Jennifer :)

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