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Sunday, October 4, 2009

what a great weekend!

Going to the Air Force vs Navy game yesterday was a huge blast for everyone in my house! It was even more special because our dear friends, The Hagans, came to share with us! It was so fun for them to meet our kids (or the circus as well call it) and the kids adored Chuck and Cherie Lynn. My favorite comment from Patrick was he wanted to play catch with Mr. Hagan not Mommy because Mr. Hagan is a boy and he knows what he is doing! Oh so funny! Then Ireland had fun with Cherie Lynn- how can you not?!? Those girls were so cute picking out outfits, accessories, and putting the look together! Just wished they lived closer...oh we say that about so many friends and family....Air Force life is hard that way when you cannot be close to those you love!

It was a great day filled with many memories! I love Josh sharing with the children the traditions and values of his great school (and my Daddy's). It fills you with pride and adoration to see these young men and women still committed and filled with a great sense of honor and duty to serve their country. They may play football, or do other fun activities at the Academy but at the end of the day these young men and women are the future of our Military and I am so thankful to them for continuing this selfless duty! Hoorah!!!!


  1. I hate to do this on your blog but I have too... Way to go NAVY! I'm sad I missed this AWESOME game!

  2. you are too funny but as Josh and Chuck said at the end of the day they are all brothers working for the same goal!