excited to share all the stories from our house and my creative endeavors! I hope this blog will inspire you to find that Creative Diva that is in all of us!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

come on over!!!

I have spent the past few days prepping catalogs to mail(they go out tomorrow), putting fun make n takes together for Friday(I have 5 for you to do!), and putting some cute little goodie bags and prizes together!  I just love having my crafty friends come over and play- makes me Happy, Happy, HAPPY!  I even have some new friends that are joining us on Friday and I cannot wait to meet them!  I would love to have you and if you are reading this- seriously give me a call(850-217-7034) and let's set a date to create!!!

So here is one of the Fun Make n Take cards I will have you do on Friday!  It uses the fun new puddle technique as shown on Art and Soul TV- check out my website!

I look forward to seeing you Friday and I just know you are going to flip over Studio J too!  Have you check it out yet???  hint...hint...you gotta go try it!  Wonder if there will be a prize or fun something for someone who has already played around???  hint..hint!  :-)  if you are picking up on the hints and need to try...just click here!  and added bonus if you have an account too!  :-)

Looking forward to seeing you on FRIDAY!!!!  and my long distance customers- I will have some fun waiting for you in your inbox this week via my newsletter!!!

~Jennifer  :-)

Sunday, April 25, 2010


LOVE when the new Idea Books come out!!!

The brand spanking new Summer Idea Book is available May 1, 2010!!!

My long distance customers- I am prepping them as I type this and will mail them out to you this week!!  SO MUCH FUN!!!

Okay I already bragged on how cute Ireland is on page 47 of the book but guess what?!?

One of the new paper kits called- Splendor- my children are in the artwork shown for the level 1 kits!  Turn over the cute MyStickease and you will find my TURKEYS!!  How super fun and COOL is that?!?!  I swear it is the little things in life!!!

So are you local to me and want to come play????  I have the date set!!!

April 30, 2010 - TWO TIMES to choose from.  10:00am or 7:30pm!

***come get your hands on the BEAUTIFUL new Idea Book, have some fun making some Make N Takes and participate in an Interactive Studio J session- wondering how it works and how easy it is???  I will show you and I have some completed layouts for you to see the AMAZING quality- there is no comparison!!  I found the best use for my hubby's TV- it will be our monitor to play with Studio J!  I knew there was a reason we needed that big thing!  HA!

Are you ready to try out Studio J now?????

okay hold onto your seats- it is available...drumroll please...............

TUESDAY APRIL 27, 2010 at 8am MT( so 10am for those East Coasters out there!).  I highly encourage you click on my website- there will be a Studio J icon to access the site through there and start tinkering around playing!  IT IS FREE TO CREATE, NO kit to purchase or software...FREE!!!(only costs when you order a layout- 2 pages).Then come on over on Friday and help me create some super cute layouts together and see how it just BLOWS all the other Digital things out of the Water!!!  And are you dying to see what it looks like in person???  I have 10 layouts all done and printed!  SUPER AMAZINGLY COOL!!!!!!!!!

Please RSVP that you are attending so I can prep for you....and feel free to bring a friend(oh and you know I always have prizes for peeps that bring friends, RSVP, and for attending!).....

email:  craftingdivas@cox.net
cell:  850-217-7034


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Wow!  The Bohnart family has been BUSY!  It is all good but I just realized I have not update my blog in awhile. 

Today I had a great time teaching a fun Card Workshop to some new and old peeps!  They all enjoyed putting their creative caps on and diving on in for some serious FUN!  It was so fun to see them take the basic card designs and mix it up and make it their OWN!  I love sharing and playing together- you always learn and grow more in numbers!  Do you have a few friends that like to play with paper too?  I would love to set up a fun card making date for you and your friends or even a fun Scrappin time- just email me and we will get it rolling!  :-)

The rest of the week was spent being the fun Full Time Mom that I am and busy military wife.  We happily received a letter from Patrick's school stating that he had earned an Oustanding Academic Achievement Award in Reading Comprehension.  The awards ceremony was yesterday and I was crossing my fingers that Daddy could work a half day and be there for Patrick.  Well he did better than that- he surprised us by taking a day off!!!!  A huge thanks to the General for letting him be home- we all enjoyed it!  I think I really enjoyed having a fun day to share with him, no stresses and just a fun carefree day!  Isn't it amazing how the smallest things in life make the biggest impact?!?  We had a lovely lunch picnic along the Potomac River---ahh!!!

Then it was on to the school to watch our little bugger get an award!  We are so stinkin proud of him but more than anything watching his growth over this year has been a true JOY!  He is one funny kid and will forever keep Josh and I on our toes.  Just ask me about the DS and school- now there is a story and I am sure many more to come!!!

Here is hoping your week was full of all the things you love too!!!!

~Jennifer :-)

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ah this was too good not to share with you!  On Thursday morning we woke up and were greated by a flock of flamingos in our yard!  Yes Flamingos and yes the crazy, tacky Plastic type!  What a hoot and how much fun they brought to our small patch of earth!

Are you asking yourself- why oh why were their flamingos in our yard and who on earth would have planted them there!  Turns out it is a Fund Raiser for the local Senior Class' Lock-In after Prom!  So fun!  They ask for a simple $25 donation and then you get to pick where the birds fly next.  :-)  So sadly Thursday night they came and took them away and delivered them to a friend to make her yard nice and happy for a day!

Now my yard looks sad- maybe I should get a just one to place in the yard- what do you think?!?

Hope you have a brightly colored FUN day!

~Jennifer :-)

ps- yes Patrick was not thrilled with the Paparrazi on this day.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

oh yeah!

Getting Geared up to Scrap with my Friends on FRIDAY!!!!!  I love Scrap n Play Friday!!!  We are making FUN layouts using the Caboodle paper and I am so excited and ready!  I just love sharing with them and seeing the great things they come back to club with completed!

Just so you know I turned the first page of this layout to accomodate horizontal photos- so keep that in mind when putting yours together- sometimes you can flip them to make it work for you!

When I started putting the finishing touches on the first layout I posted- I thought about using our great Color Ready Alphabets Oxford.  These are great to use- they are only $3.95 and with a ink pad and a sponge- they can become whatever color or colors you need!

I look forward to seeing my happy, smiling club members for a great evening of crafting fun!  I would love for you to join us!

~Jennifer :-)

ps- just a reminder...you can click on any photo to see it larger


Do you believe in Miracles?  I sure do and I love Close to My Heart's Miracle to celebrate National Scrapbook Month!!!!!

From now and until May 31, 2010 or while supplies last you can earn this darling kit FREE, Discounted or purchase it!  You will love the colors and beautiful artwork focus of this exclusive kit to celebrate National Scrapbooking Month in May!


How can you snag one you ask???

· Purchase the kit outright for $19.95* (CC1009).
· Place a minimum order of $40 and purchase the kit for only
  $10* (CC1009A).
· Place a minimum order of $60 and purchase the kit for only
  $5* (CC1009B).
· Sign up as a new Consultant between May 1-31 and receive
  a kit FREE!
· Host a Home Gathering between April 15-May 31 with minimum
  sales of $300 and receive a kit FREE!

I received mine in the mail the other day and I LOVE IT!!!!!!  SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!  Hurry and contact me today to get you exclusive kit!!!!

Ready to shop???  click here!

~Jennifer :-)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

prepping for a ROCKIN' FUN

Scrap N Play FRIDAY!!!!!  I just know you all are going to flip for the Caboodle Paper and no it is not the hair accessory thing- it is the SUPER CUTE and Seriously FUN Papers for this Months Club.  This paper works great for beach photos, pool photos, outside, boy or girl- it is seriously verstatile and the colors just make you HAPPY!!!!

So as I was prepping for club I was in my Scrapping mood- and gasp- I added photos to all 3 Layouts!  And as I was digging for photos I realized I need to order some pictures!!!!  Woo-HOO I have made a dent without even realizing it- LOVE IT!!

Okay so back to my fun day of playing with paper- I was just in a Scrappin' Mood so no cards were made this month by me(so sorry) but this paper is too cute that I have to use it for PAGES!!!!  Which leads to my 3rd layout that I created and will share the directions to my Scrap N Play and CLub to Go Members- hope you like it!

What I liked about the layout was using the Irresistibles (z 1261)- have you played with this FUN letters yet?  I simply colored them with my marker in the ink I want and VOILA super cute dotted letters!  They definitely need to be put on your Wishlist!  And speaking of Wishlist- is yours growing???  Then you need to do either one of two things- A.  Book a FUN Workshop/Party with Me or B.  Join my Team!!!!

So here is my 3rd Layout for this month's club....hope you like it and I look forward to seeing you in class on FRIDAY!!!!
want to be a part of Scrap N Play- shoot me an email and I will get you all set up...there is a Club to Go option too for Long Distance customers.  :-)

~Jennifer :-)

(and yes I promise I will journal tomorrow on my page!)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Must have....

Do you love a deal?  Who doesn't- right?!?  Well our A size stamp sets are a MAJOR Deal and super cute to boot!

I had some leftover card supplies from a card class I taught back in February and I wanted to try out the the FUN new A size stamp sets we have!  I played around with the A1103 A Love and it was so fun and easy.  Plus I love that these stamp sets are only $7.95(plus shipping and tax).  Huge DEAL!!!!!!  So as you look at the catalog and are looking for a great deal- check out the great A size stamp sets- you are sure to find something you LOVE!!!!

~Jennifer :-)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

one with nature....

So we have been outside A LOT lately and the kids are loving it( me too except I have not been able to play in awhile and my list is a mile long- we will get to that in a minute).  Patrick got a Basketball for his birthday and that kids is OBSESSED!  He is bouncing it everywhere and constantly asking- "Mom, can I go to the courts and shoot?"  I of course LOVE this and love that wears him out!  I also was not sure how long this would last as the hoops out back are 10 feet tall- he is still a little tyke.  Most kids I would think would get a defeatest mentality but not my Patrick- he is determined!  And when he makes a hoop- OH YEAH!!!!
So I emailed Josh at work the other day and said we need to get this kid an adjustable hoop he can practice with and keep encouraging him.  So Daddy ran to the store and picked up a hoop and Mr. P is using his birthday money to pay for- LOVE IT!  But the assembly of said hoop was no picnic!  Why oh WHY do projects like that cause sheer craziness/meltdowns in my house and I am talking the older 35 year old man kind!?!

Patrick came home from school today with a zeal to go outside.  I said sure and then I had an epiphany- I could create out back on the deck and keep an eye on him!  So that is what I did!  Don't you just love when you figure out how to balance something(and let me tell you I have not felt very balanced lately!). 

So here is my view of Patrick...off and running....FREEDOM!!!!!

And Here is the workstation I made outside....

So I was able to knock off on my creation list today- Thank You Cards for Patrick.  I made 8 of these and used my good old trusty Originals companion!  LIFE SAVER!!!!

Hope you enjoy my cards that I created outside today.....
Wishing a fun, creative day wherever it may find you.....

~Jennifer :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

new craft!

We had a fabulous Spring Break trip to my sister's in North Carolina!  It was so nice to get away plus spend time with Auntie!!!  My sister taught both kids a new craft that she has picked up- Japanese Temari Balls.  They were hooked!

It was so fun to watch them pick their colors and work each day on their special craft.  I was seriously impressed with my sister and the SUPER CUTE Temari Eggs she cranked out!  She even used the the plastic egg shapes as her base- amazing to watch her in action!  Ireland is seriously hooked and wants supplies from Auntie for her birthday!

Ireland and Patrick's Ball-

Patrick opted to keep his simple and then Ireland was ready to kick it up a notch!

Check out this website if you are interested in learning more.

I told Michelle she could make her own super cute mobile for a baby (hint...hint).  :-)  I guess they need to get married first!  HA!

Speaking of the wedding we had fun finding Dresses for Ireland and Myself.  Ireland is all girl and just wanted to keep trying on eventhough the first dress was the one!  Of course the hunt for me was a little more challenging but we managed to find a great dress and if Josh has a military ball again I will be all set to go(he may grumble a little).

I hope my bloggin' friends had a great Easter weekend.  We have been spoiled by great weather here and have enjoyed our time outside as well with dear friends and family! I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Close to My Heart Summer Idea Books!!!!!  I love having a month preview to drool over the new goodies.  I have looked online and there is a TON to love plus my girl made the catalog again- such a HUGE TRILL!!!!!  I will give you a few hints....there are some great new stamp sets, paper, and card kit that will help with my Bridal Shower for my sister(think Kitchen Theme with a cherry on top!).  Would you like to start drooling with me and making a wishlist....then come join my team and have FUN getting a discount on what you LOVE and always being in the loop!  I just love my FUN job!!!

So much to do- I best get to work.....

~Jennifer :)