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Saturday, April 17, 2010


Ah this was too good not to share with you!  On Thursday morning we woke up and were greated by a flock of flamingos in our yard!  Yes Flamingos and yes the crazy, tacky Plastic type!  What a hoot and how much fun they brought to our small patch of earth!

Are you asking yourself- why oh why were their flamingos in our yard and who on earth would have planted them there!  Turns out it is a Fund Raiser for the local Senior Class' Lock-In after Prom!  So fun!  They ask for a simple $25 donation and then you get to pick where the birds fly next.  :-)  So sadly Thursday night they came and took them away and delivered them to a friend to make her yard nice and happy for a day!

Now my yard looks sad- maybe I should get a just one to place in the yard- what do you think?!?

Hope you have a brightly colored FUN day!

~Jennifer :-)

ps- yes Patrick was not thrilled with the Paparrazi on this day.


  1. What an original fund raiser! Too cute!

  2. Jennifer,
    This is such a fabulous idea! Great fun. Love it!

  3. How fun is this!! Patrick was definitely not happy! I can think of far worse things to wake up to!! This put a smile on my face! Thanks!! Hugs...