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Sunday, April 25, 2010


LOVE when the new Idea Books come out!!!

The brand spanking new Summer Idea Book is available May 1, 2010!!!

My long distance customers- I am prepping them as I type this and will mail them out to you this week!!  SO MUCH FUN!!!

Okay I already bragged on how cute Ireland is on page 47 of the book but guess what?!?

One of the new paper kits called- Splendor- my children are in the artwork shown for the level 1 kits!  Turn over the cute MyStickease and you will find my TURKEYS!!  How super fun and COOL is that?!?!  I swear it is the little things in life!!!

So are you local to me and want to come play????  I have the date set!!!

April 30, 2010 - TWO TIMES to choose from.  10:00am or 7:30pm!

***come get your hands on the BEAUTIFUL new Idea Book, have some fun making some Make N Takes and participate in an Interactive Studio J session- wondering how it works and how easy it is???  I will show you and I have some completed layouts for you to see the AMAZING quality- there is no comparison!!  I found the best use for my hubby's TV- it will be our monitor to play with Studio J!  I knew there was a reason we needed that big thing!  HA!

Are you ready to try out Studio J now?????

okay hold onto your seats- it is available...drumroll please...............

TUESDAY APRIL 27, 2010 at 8am MT( so 10am for those East Coasters out there!).  I highly encourage you click on my website- there will be a Studio J icon to access the site through there and start tinkering around playing!  IT IS FREE TO CREATE, NO kit to purchase or software...FREE!!!(only costs when you order a layout- 2 pages).Then come on over on Friday and help me create some super cute layouts together and see how it just BLOWS all the other Digital things out of the Water!!!  And are you dying to see what it looks like in person???  I have 10 layouts all done and printed!  SUPER AMAZINGLY COOL!!!!!!!!!

Please RSVP that you are attending so I can prep for you....and feel free to bring a friend(oh and you know I always have prizes for peeps that bring friends, RSVP, and for attending!).....

email:  craftingdivas@cox.net
cell:  850-217-7034


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