excited to share all the stories from our house and my creative endeavors! I hope this blog will inspire you to find that Creative Diva that is in all of us!

Monday, November 30, 2009

so many blessings...

We have so much to be thankful for in our home and we had such a great 5 day "stay-cation" at home together! I enjoy family downtime so much! I love when my hubby walks through the door early(doesn't happen that much this year), love when my kids want to stay in their jammies all day, and I love when we just have fun hanging out!

This year my sister and her boyfriend, David, came to visit on the Tuesday before turkey day and the Saturday after. We were there stop in between North Carolina and NYC! I was so excited for them- they went to the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, the Christmas Spectacular Show and so many other sites and adventures in New York City. But the biggest event was the special carriage ride they took through Central Park where David asked my sister to Marry him!!!!! Oh I am over the moon happy for them! My sister has found her Prince and he is such a great person!!!! What a great Thanksgiving!

I have known about this secret for over 2 1/2 weeks and it was killing me! David had emailed me to get my parent's phone number so he could talk to my Dad; meanwhile my sister had no clue! She is so cute because as she told me today, "it seems everyone knew but Me!"

Now the cat is out of the bag and I can breathe again! The kids did great keeping it a secret too! They had fun trying to guess where Mr. David would propose! HYSTERICAL! Patrick wanted the top of the Statue of Liberty and Ireland wanted St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is going to be a fabulous 2010!
and my brother and his wife are Preggers too!!!! Their first baby is due July 2010! LIFE IS FULL OF JOY!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Jennifer :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

CLubbin' FUN!!!!

Yesterday was my local Scrap n Play Club and we had so much FUN! I just LOVE my club members and I love when they bring their artwork to share!!!!! I have a challenge with my Club Members that if they bring back their pages with photos on them and if they have created more with all the left over paper I will have fun "happies" to give them for sharing and going the extra mile! It is so fun to see their artwork and the fun things they have created! I know we all love being inspired by each other and having our work appreciated! So here are some pics of their fabulous creations(feel free to click on the pic to see it bigger).

Last night we created 2 12x12 2 page layouts and the kit comes with directions to make 12 cards too. I made all of this plus had paper leftover to make a fun layout and a couple of cute 6x6 cards and I STILL have paper left in my kit. I love showing my friends and customers how much value they are getting from their monthly kits- it just simply ROCKS!!!! And thank you to my local club members you helped me get back a little of my creative groove I have been missing! And to my Club to Go Members- look at all this you can make! Are you long distance and want to be one of my Club to Go Members just simply email me at craftingdivas@cox.net to join and I will get you all set to go!
layout one- cannot wait to add pics!

layout two- so super cute!
one set of 6 cards- love these! (I still need to finish the other set)

bonus layout I created last night! it is from Cherish p. 108
bonus cards I created last night using Originals pgs.18 and 75

and here is all the paper I still have left over to keep creating with!!

Sorry for the long post but I sure made up for lost time, ehh?!?

Creatively Yours,
Jennifer :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

so touched by Friends....

I am so honored and touched that two of my friends value me and my blog that they gave me a Friendship Award! I know I have been quiet for a week or two now- not intentional just life getting a little bit hectic and I am trying to remain in control. HA-HA I know!
I have been busy with the kids, military wife duties, team mentoring and just plain life. I also am trying to make time to do things that I always put aside like Yoga and things that I enjoy. So I am taking some of my own advice of taking control of my calendar and making sure I add things in there that are meaningful and purposeful to me.
So when I logged on to Check my blog and my friend's blogs I was so BLOWN Away and touched by their thoughtfulness to honor me. It really was a bright spot to my couple of weeks of some grey skies. I was so surprised to get this award and so thankful. Take a minute to visit their sites because they are truly special people in my life! Tina and Melanie- HUGS TO YOU BOTH!!!!!

What this Award is all about: It is given to blogs that are exceedingly charming. These bloggers are not interested in increasing their own status, but rather aim to find friends and be friends. The hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are born! Now it's my turn to pass this award on to five of my blogging friends. It is a great joy to do so:

Now it's my turn to pass this award on to five of my blogging friends. It is a great joy to do so:

1. Tiffany- she is my longest and one of my dearest friends. She has a heart full of love and she has amazing gift of putting life events into a funny full of life perspective. I just wish I could be as clever as she is! I am so thankful for our friendship over the MANY years!!!

2. Angie- one word comes to mind- SUPERMOM! She is such an inspiration to me. Angie has a heart of gold and motherhood just blooms from her spirit- she is an inspiration!!!!

3. Doresa- a fun CTMH friend and person that inspires me professionally! I love Doresa and just wish I could see her more often! I love our email chats and always look forward to hearing from her. She is a fabulous artist and a very classy gal!

4. Tina- I have to put Tina down eventhough she nominated me. One of the reasons I go through blue spells sometimes is because I miss my dear friends that I have left because we had to move. I love keeping up with Tina via her blog...makes me feel like I am not too far. Tina has been such a great friend and inspiration to me- I love her to pieces!!!!

5. Siobhan- we have recently reconnected on Facebook and it is so fun to keep up with each other. We were stationed together in Utah and then as the AF life goes on we are separated and usually keep up with the family Christmas cards each year. Now the FUN of being able to check in and see what they are up to is so FUN! Siobhan is a very taletned artist that has been published in many card making magazines and I just love hearing what she has been up to!

Hope you have fun checking out my friends blogs! And I hope to be blogging again soon and have some artwork to share!!!!

~Jennifer :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

exciting function today!!!

I had a great day today! I attended the Belvoir Officer's Wives Club Luncheon today and had the pleasure of listening to Chef Roland Mesneir speak today. Chef Roland is a retired White House Pastry Chef- he worked in the White House for 25 years! It was such a treat to listen to his stories and hear about his inspiring story. He comes from a French village of only 140 people and what he has attained in his life is truly a story to behold and share! He has written 3 books- 2 cookbooks and one memoirs. I purchased the memoirs book and it was so fun to have him autograph them!

I was also touched by the Belvoir Officers Wives Club reaching out to Ft Hood and their victims. They were asking for donations to help the victims and their families directly impacted by this horrific act of violence against our Military. Words cannot express enough how deeply affected I am and so many in the military community by this one horrific act- it is beyond words and reasoning. Ft Hood is in the process of creating the "November 5th Fund". The proceeds will go to meet the needs of the families and survivors of the Ft Hood Massacre. If you would like to donate to the November 5th Fund, you may send checks to the address below.

Please make checks payable to "CONSOLIDATED CHAPLAINS FUND", AND WRITE "NOVEMBER 5TH FUND" IN THE MEMO BOX. This will make sure your money goes where you intend it. Otherwise the money will go to the general Ft Hood Chaplains fund.

Garrisons Chaplains Office
Bldg 44 761 Tank Battalion Ave
Fort Hood, Texas 76544-3030

take care and God Bless!
~Jennifer :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

all wrapped and ready to go.....

Would you like to win this adorable( if I do say so myself) Christmas Card Box?!? This is my donation item for the Island Creek Craft Fair Silent Auction. I also added a FREE Workshop for you and up to 8 friends! I hope my Virginia friends will come bye and say HI! There are over 60 talented crafters at this Craft Fair- so much fun to shop for unique Holiday Items for your loved ones!!!!

The Craft Fair will be tomorrow Saturday November 7, 2009 from 9:00am- 3:00pm at the Island Creek Elementary School. I hope you will swing bye and take in all the fabulous items!

Here are some pics of what the box looks like!

~Jennifer :)

*this box was inspired by another fabulous CTMH consultant that shared her ideas on our Bulletin Boards last year...sorry I forget who it was! Another reason I LOVE my job- we all share our fabulous creativity!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

busy, busy!

WHEW!!!! What a weekend! We have been going like crazy! I love being active with the kids and having so much to do but it leaves me a little sad because I don't have that much time or energy left to craft and be creative. Oh the joys of trying to find the happy balance! :) I love that I can stay home with them and enjoy them and all the memories we make together!

My sister and her boyfriend came up for the weekend to share in Halloween with the kids! It was so much fun to have them here! We all enjoyed pumpkin carving together. The kids even made sure that Auntie and Mr. David (that would be the boyfriend) had a pumpkin to carve too! But I think the consensus was that their pumpkin was petrified or genetically altered because even my strong hubby could not cut that darn thing!!! Then it was Face Painting Wars- which was so FUNNY! Michelle started remembering how much it itched as a kid and then watching them trying to get off was hysterical! Oh the simple things!

Then Saturday morning brought FOOTBALL!!!! Patrick had his flag football game and let's just say the weather was ucky! Drizzle rain, 50 degree temps- yikes! I know I have years of this in-front of me! David and Michelle get major props for sticking it out in the ucky weather to cheer Patrick and his team on! The Bulldogs won and Patrick's team is undefeated so far this season! I am so amazed with how much they are learning and Patrick has one determined spirit! He has great ball awareness and is always trying to help his team. He loves to play defense....wonder what the future will bring! I mean seriously he is only 6! HA!

After the game it was time for Hot Cocoa and Donuts then off to warm up before we headed out for an evening of trick or treating! The rain and drizzle made a repeat performance for the nights activities which was sorta of a bummer but it really did not slow us crazy kids down! Michelle and David planned to dress up and I jumped in on the action last minute which is why my costume is oh so original! HA! But I told Josh that the AF should look at my boots- they rock! He then said they were not so practical- oh whatever! :)

Well that was our FUN Filled, high energy weekend! The kids are off today and tomorrow so we are taking it easy and they are having FUN playing! I am finishing prepping for the upcoming craft fair this coming Saturday and then hopefully things will slow down just a bit but that is this time of year! :)

~Jennifer :)

love my TEAM!

There are so many great parts about my Close To My Heart business that I love, but one of the best perks is forming great friendships with your team! I am so BLESSED! Last Thursday I held a local Crafting Divas Team Meeting. My team is spread out across the country and in other countries- how cool is that?!? I would love, love, LOVE to meet with them all at once but that is so HARD! I am hoping, wishing, and praying that some of my girls are headed up here this summer for Convention. The DIVAS would have a blast!

I keep in touch with my team via emails, newsletters and training calls- I love staying connected with the gals! This year I have started a fun incentive program for my team to let them know how much I love having them and how much I love cheering them on with whatever goals they have mapped out. One of the fun things is at the end of the sales year if they have attained and maintained a certain sales status then they are a Diva Queen Bee! My super downline, Elissa, is on track to attain this and it was fun to have her wear a crown and scarf for the meeting- we all need to feel special and rewarded! I know Elissa is going to ROCK this year and I am so proud of her for taking that leap of faith in herself and her business!

Just had to share how proud I am of my team and how much fun we have together! I would love to have you join my team and the fabulous Close To My Heart Family!

~Jennifer :)