excited to share all the stories from our house and my creative endeavors! I hope this blog will inspire you to find that Creative Diva that is in all of us!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Scrap N Play!!!!

I am so excited for my Clubs to start again! We all had a fun summer break but I know my Club ladies are pumped for September club to start! They were so Cute Friday night when I shared with them the new format- the LOVED it! I am so happy they saw the HUGE value they are getting with Club! I love my club ladies, we have a lot of fun together and I would love for you to join us! You can join local or can scrap by mail!
Each month you will receive a Kit to create 2 beautiful 12 x 12 double layouts AND 12 handmade cards- the choice is yours. Love just Cards…then make them all and have fun creating other designs too. Just love Scrapping then create the 2 beautiful layouts and have extras to play with just like before. OR want to dabble in both…YOU CAN! I just LOVE this new format!

Each Month you will receive a Basic Kit for $29.95! In your basic Kit you will receive
*A level 2-paper pack (12.95 retail value)
*An EXCLUSIVE B-size stamp set. You only can get this stamp in the Kit of the Month…not found in our catalog! ($13.95 retail value)
*Full Color Instruction Booklet and detailed instructions by me.
*A Full accessory to add Pizzazz to your pages. In September it is the Rustic Edge Anchors- a complete packet. Each month the accessory changes to match the artwork.
PLUS you have the option to add on to your Kit to make it Custom to your needs and artwork wishes!!!!

So how does this work?

Local- first please fill out the 6-moth contract( I will send to you via email), set up your payment option, and then simply come to my house on the 3rd Friday of every month for the morning (9:30am) or evening session (7:30pm) and we will create together!!! How fun and simple is that?!?

Long Distance: please fill out the 6-month contract( I will send to you via email). Each month you will be sent an emailed invoice for the Basic Kit ($29.95 plus shipping and tax) and if you choose any additional items. Around the 15th of each month your custom Kit will be delivered right to your door by that lovely Man in Brown!

How does the Custom Designed Kits work you Ask???
Oh so simple! Each month you will receive a Shopping List via email from me. Simply check the items you would like to add to your basic kit and your Custom Kit will be put together for you! Here is an example using September’s Shopping List for Club:

*Basic Kit for $29.95
-My Reflections Grace Level 2 Paper Packet
-My Acrylix Beautiful Flourish Stamp Set
-Rustic Edge Anchors
-Workshop Guide

*Best Option
-Z1206 Basic Craft Buttons $7.95 _______
_Z1247 Crystal Blue Waxy Flax $3.95 _________

*Other items you need to complete the project on your own if you do not own them
-X1410 Colonial White 50 pack of cards and envelopes $14.95 _____
-z2160 Twilight Blue Ink Pad $5.25 ______
-Z2114 Coco Ink Pad $5.25 ______
-Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit $5.95 _____
-Y1001 Block 1x1 ½ $4.50 ____
-Y1002 Block 1 x 3 ½ $5.95 ____
-Y1003 Block 2x2 $6.50 _____
-Y1010 Block 2 x 6 ½ $9.95 _____

Things to keep in mind: Required purchase is the Basic Kit each month for $29.95
All other add ons are your choice and they will count towards your Preferred Customer Club Rewards!

If you have any questions do not hesitate to email me- craftingdivas@cox.net or call me! Looking forward to creating awesome artwork with you soon!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Grateful Heart!

It is with a grateful heart that I make this post! As many of you know, one of my dear customers from Navarre, FL is battling Stomach Cancer. My former parish community has pulled together to say Novenas for Debbie and today they met to help complete a project for Debbie and her family! They joined together to help create Memory Boxes with 9x9 Memory Showcase Albums inside them with a voice recorder for each. I wish I could have been there to help them but so many of you did HELP! Your prayers and your generous support of donations to complete this project was more than anyone could ask!

As I told my husband tonight- it is these special moments with my CTMH sisters that give me such gratitude and fill me with such love and pride to know and be apart of something truly magical and selfless! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Here is the email I received from Diane, my downline in Navarre, that helped with this amazing Workshop today!


I had to write you right away and tell you what a success the memory box workshop for Debbie was. As you can imagine, it was an emotional roller coaster of a day. I don't know how many people were there, but I know it was over 40. Debbie was able to be there-- although she looked very tired. She is going to start chemo on Wed,

At the end of the day she tearfully was thanking everyone and holding the memory box for Roger and said she prayed she would not have to give it to him very soon. There was not a dry eye in the room.

I want to thank you and all of the Close To My Heart Team for the wonderful donations. All of which made this possible. It made me so proud to be able to say I am a part of you all. Can you please forward a note to everyone with my thanks--I don't know how to send an email to everyone. We received boxes from as far away as Hawaii and Colorado and I can't even remember where else. The box you sent from all of the donations was a Godsend.

Again, thank you so very much and may God Bless You all. This was truly a day of God's Work.

Close To My Heart Consultant
UL Jennifer Bohnart

I Got Happy Mail!!!

My dear friend, Cherie Lynn, sent me this lovely card last week and it put a bright spot in my week! I just love receiving handmade cards too! And this one was personalized too, she stamped Rockstar on the inside! My CTMH nickname is Rockstar, thanks to my other friend Tina Sutton! It is so fun to be given a fun nickname out of love and admiration! My kids love it too!

I love this stamp set she used to make the card! Cherie Lnn used D1346 You Rock to create this card and the Notebook Level 2 Paper Packet x7102B. LOVE IT!

Thank you so much Cherie Lynn! We cannot wait to see you and Chuck in October for a fun filled Saturday of Football! GO AIR FORCE!
tee-hee (they are Navy fans). We are going to have a BLAST!!!!

~Jennifer :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

fun in numbers!

What Fun I had tonight with my scrappin' friends! It was so great to see them after a summer vacation from Club. I loved sharing the new Fall/Winter Idea Book with them. We also had fun chatting about Club starting in September- we are going to have so much fun! Stay tuned for details!
I prepped some fun layouts using the Cherish and Imagine Books. I loved watching them put the layouts together and have a great evening of sharing! We also made a simple card using the September Stamp of the Month. I cannot wait to play with this stamp set more...it is so CUTE!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Teddy Roosevelt!

Here are some pics of the kids at Teddy Roosevelt Island and one of his quotes that I love. Speaks a lot about the burden of the presidency and how strong a persons belief and will must be to continue our amazing experiment in Democracy- we are truly a great example to the world. I also liked his quotes on Manhood and Childhood....

The State

Ours is a Government
of Liberty
by through and under the law

A GREAT Democracy
has got be progressive or it will
soon cease to be great or a democracy

Order without Liberty
and Liberty without Order
are equally destructive

In popular government results worth having
can be achieved only by men who combine
Worthy Ideals
with practical good sense

If I must choose between
Righteousness and Peace
I choose Righteousness

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jammed Pack!

Whew...I think Josh and I have officially worn the kids and ourselves out! We packed a lot into the past 3 days but it was so fun! I just love that each day can hold a new adventure for us here and that we are taking in as much as we can during our time in Virginia.

When I was a kid my Daddy was stationed at the Pentagon too. We lived about 10 miles west of where I live now and I have such vivid and fond memories of our 4 years in VA. I was in school for 4th-7th grade in Virginia and the field trips alone were something you could not experience anywhere else! I am so excited my kids get to experience the same opportunities too and I wonder if it has awaken a little historian in them? My parents firmly believe that a lot of the exposure I had during 4th-7th grade made such a profound influence on me that when I went off to college I wanted to learn more. I was an American History and Political Science junkie and I LOVED everything I learned then and still continue to learn. I love making History FUN and exciting for children - we are truly a blessed Nation and I hope my children grow up with a full understanding of that and what their own Daddy contributes to this great Nation.

On Sunday we explored the American History Museum. The exhibits they have are great and I honestly could spend A LOT of time in there. We had done half the museum back in December but it was so crowded we could not see everything. So I was happy to spend a lot of time

exploring around and taking it all in. We also went over to the Smithsonian Castle and the kids
got to see the great Pile of LOOT from the Movie! Plus they have the first American Idol set of chairs on display! From the movie they have created a great Treasure Hunt for the kids to do at each museum- this really helped keep Patrick engaged and eager to explore! After the Museums we drove over to Teddy Roosevelt Island. This is an amazing natural and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of DC. In the middle of the Island is a monument dedicated to this great President. They had 4 of his quotes surrounding him and I loved reflecting on their powerful and subtle meanings- I will share these with you tomorrow! Teddy is one of my favorite presidents and I think after the quotes tomorrow you might have a better understanding why. :) We headed home for a little rest and to let our dog out for a bit.

Then we were off again to take in an early evening National's Baseball Game. Patrick was so excited to see two games in a ROW! The Brewers won last night which made Ireland very happy! see Sunday's post to understand why.

Today we were back at it again! We did the Capitol Tour which was honestly a MAJOR let down from the tour I did when I was a child. Today we watch a great informative movie- thought it helped explain things to my kids. Then we walked into the Rotunda, then the first senate/house chambers, and then the crypt underneath and that was it! I guess you have to request special passes to see the Senate and House floors. I am not too disappointed since Congress is not in session right now but I would have like the children to have seen it in person too! I mean they see Mommy watching it on Cspan! HA! Next time I go to the Hill I will be sure to have all the right passes and to go when they are in session. :) (and be sure NOT to have food or water with you- not allowed!!! I thought we all were going to have a meltdown and make the news for sure!).

After the Capitol we took the underground tunnel to the Library of Congress. I have never been here before and it was an amazing building on the inside- simply stunning! I was overcome by viewing Thomas Jefferson's personal collection of books he donated to start the Library of Congress. Even Ireland was amazed at the vastness of his collection and simply asked, "Did he read all these books." I told her yes and look at how much he studied and learned isn't that incredible!

We then walked back down the Mall towards the Washington Monument and we took the tour up the elevator to the top! The kids had fun seeing the city from way up high. Josh was VERY disappointed that he could not walk the stairs down! It is only 550 feet up...no big deal to him! :) I think the kids and I were thankful for the elevator ride.

Now we are home and resting and talking about the next adventures we will take when we have the chance. I just love that all of this is in our backyard! Tomorrow I need to get working and prepping for a fun Friday night to share the New Fall/Winter Idea Book with you and the new Clubs for the Fall! Looking forward to seeing you! I will also be mailing out Idea Books this week....make sure to email me if you would like to be on my mailing list! :)

Enjoy the pictures!

~Jennifer :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

DC sightseeing!

We are taking in the sights. Living in Northern Virginia is amazing and I am like a kid in the candy store being able to take the kids to see all the historic sites! Josh is taking off a few days so we can have a long weekend and we decided to stay at home and be DC Tourist! Today was our first day in our 3 day adventure!
We woke up this morning and drove into the city and started at the Washington Monument taking it in from the outside. One day we will ride the elevator to the top but we were on a time schedule today as we were headed to the Nationals Baseball game this afternoon.

After the Washington Monument we headed to the WW II Memorial. I was moved beyond words! The elegance and beauty of this Memorial is amazing and I was moved to tears more than once. It is definitely a must see and the guided Park Tour was incredible to hear about all the symbolic meanings- they took so much into consideration with this memorial.

After the WW II Memorial we headed to the Lincoln Memorial. I remember being in awe of Mr. Lincoln when I was a child and I felt even the same way as an adult. I could tell my kids were impressed but I also wondered if they thought he would talk like he did in the "Night at the Museum II." :) Their little legs were aching so we sat at a park bench overlooking the Korean War Memorial and Daddy went to check it out. With little legs, Josh and I need to remember they tire easy and especially in the hot sun! :)

We topped the great day off with a baseball game at the Nationals! The Nationals played the Milwaukee Brewers and I had a house divided! Ireland loves supporting all things Wisconsin (my hubby's home state) but Patrick has embraced the Nats! He loves Adam Dunn and we saw him hit a HOME RUN! WOWSA!!!! We saw a total of 3 home run's by the Nats and 1 by the Brewers! A GREAT DAY at the Ball Park! The kids got to run the bases too at the end of the game- THE LOVED THAT!!!!

I am looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow too! Wish Daddy could be home all the time- so much fun hanging together!

~Jennifer :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebrate National Stamping Month!!!

I just love our Exclusive Card Kits that are released each year for a limited time to CELEBRATE National Stamping Month. You are just going to love this kit and I love it because of how gender neutral it is and how great it is for the boys in our lives! I have to admit I have a hard time making masculine cards and this kit is going to HELP!!!! YIPPPEEEE!

Delight in Everyday Card Kit makes 16 fabulous cards! It is available for a limited time only August 18th- September 30th and WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! The Kit contains merchandise worth $48.50 and you can get it for FREE in some exciting ways!!!

*1st way- order $60 in My Acrylix Stamps and select this Card Kit for FREE!

*2nd way- Have a Home Party or Catalog Party and have $400 in sales and as a hostess you will get this great kit for FREE!

*3rd way- JOIN My Team with Close To My Heart and you will get this great Delight in Everything Card Kit for FREE with your Consultant Starter Kit! It only costs $99 to join Close To My Heart and you receive an amazing starter kit for that PRICE plus the Delight in Everything Card Kit!!!!

or you can simply purchase this Delight in Everything card kit for just $39.95( a $48.50 value)- simply use code CC1006B.

This Kit is a Rockin' Deal! Here is what you get for your money:
~ 1 Full Colored Instruction Brochure to make the beautiful 16 cards!
~ My Acrylix Everyday Celebration Dsize stamp set (an exclusive stamp set for this kit)

~ 16 Adorable Scrolled Edged Colonial White Card Bases and envelopes

~ a 12 x 12 piece of Dutch Blue Cardstock and one of Colonial White Cardstock
~ 4 pieces of coordinating 12 x12 Background and Textured Papers.

~ 1 Chocolate Distressing ink and 1 Dutch Blue Distressing Ink

~ 1 Mini Medley Shades of Chocolate Collection

~ 5' Chocolate Ribbon with Colonial White Stitch

~ 50 3D Foam Squares

~ 1 sponge

My kit came today and I took some pictures of the products so you can see them!

I just cannot say enough about these card kits! THEY ROCK! You can use the cutting diagrams and
instructions to make cards with other paper collections you have...a great source of inspiration! And the adorable Stamp Set has great versatility!

Contact me today to place your order, book a party, or join my team! I look forward to hearing from you! Email- craftingdivas@cox.net

Cannot wait to get playing with this card kit soon!!!! Oh I have so many new goodies to play with...life is good! Hope to see you at my Create and Take Night on the 28th of August!

~Jennifer :)

thankful for Playdates...

I have been thankful for much needed Playdates this week for my kids! The summer is winding down and Ican pretty much some up how my kids feel- THEY ARE SICK OF EACH OTHER! Which means if I don't have them busy with something they are arguing and fighting...oh the joys of siblings! :) They get along really well but I can tell we all are ready for school and routine to start again! Only 19 days till school starts but who is counting???

During their playdate today I made myself focus on a project. I have been cleaning the house and organizing the family calendar but have not felt inspired to create anything!!! :( So I forced myself to pick a project and finish it! I am so happy with the project I worked on today because it is for ME(very rare in my world!). I made this acrylix album using pictures from our Honeymoon 11 years ago, my how we have changed! We were such "youngesters" as my friends like to point out but we were so HAPPY and Ready for our journey together! It is fun to look back on these memories. Cannot wait to show the Big Guy tonight! ***you can click on the pictures to see them larger too if you like.


~Jennifer :)

Close To My Heart Products used: Z1117 My Creations Acrylic Mini Album, X7111B Moon Doogie Level 2 paper pack, X7111C Moon Doogie MyStickease, Z1098 love letters rub-ons chocolate, and some coordinating ribbon to finish it off. Shop on my website for any of these products, see more of My Artwork, shop other fun products we offer or discover how to join my team!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

another happy....

I just wanted to share another "Happy" I made my roomie, Cherie Lynn, for Leadership Convention. I miss my buddy but cannot wait to hang out with her and her cute hubby in October!! I love making these fun Flip Flap Albums. I use our 6x6 memory showcase albums, fun and easy to create one just for that special event!

I have been busy playing with the kids and running around to different Doctor's appointments too with Ireland. Trying to get everything checked and done before they head back to school on the 8th of September. I am hoping Josh will take a couple days off and we can have fun being tourist in our own backyard!!! So much to see and do!

The Front Cover

inside of the album

another page of the inside of the album

back cover page