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Sunday, August 23, 2009

DC sightseeing!

We are taking in the sights. Living in Northern Virginia is amazing and I am like a kid in the candy store being able to take the kids to see all the historic sites! Josh is taking off a few days so we can have a long weekend and we decided to stay at home and be DC Tourist! Today was our first day in our 3 day adventure!
We woke up this morning and drove into the city and started at the Washington Monument taking it in from the outside. One day we will ride the elevator to the top but we were on a time schedule today as we were headed to the Nationals Baseball game this afternoon.

After the Washington Monument we headed to the WW II Memorial. I was moved beyond words! The elegance and beauty of this Memorial is amazing and I was moved to tears more than once. It is definitely a must see and the guided Park Tour was incredible to hear about all the symbolic meanings- they took so much into consideration with this memorial.

After the WW II Memorial we headed to the Lincoln Memorial. I remember being in awe of Mr. Lincoln when I was a child and I felt even the same way as an adult. I could tell my kids were impressed but I also wondered if they thought he would talk like he did in the "Night at the Museum II." :) Their little legs were aching so we sat at a park bench overlooking the Korean War Memorial and Daddy went to check it out. With little legs, Josh and I need to remember they tire easy and especially in the hot sun! :)

We topped the great day off with a baseball game at the Nationals! The Nationals played the Milwaukee Brewers and I had a house divided! Ireland loves supporting all things Wisconsin (my hubby's home state) but Patrick has embraced the Nats! He loves Adam Dunn and we saw him hit a HOME RUN! WOWSA!!!! We saw a total of 3 home run's by the Nats and 1 by the Brewers! A GREAT DAY at the Ball Park! The kids got to run the bases too at the end of the game- THE LOVED THAT!!!!

I am looking forward to a fun filled day tomorrow too! Wish Daddy could be home all the time- so much fun hanging together!

~Jennifer :)


  1. What a fun day! I love Washington, DC. I think my very favorite place is watching the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Be sure to take your kids to that. Talk about crying. I can't even think about that without crying!

  2. I know Karen it is moving! I totally agree! We are waiting for it not to be so HOT because I think Military Daddy would go postal if he heard a whinny voice out there! lol! :) But it is on the list and we have told them a lot about it since we are here. :) DC Convention is going to ROCK next year!