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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


WOW!!!! I am home from an amazing Leadership Conference! I was so BUMMED last year when I could not attend Leadership and Convention because we were moving---Josh had one SAD girl on his hands. Especially when all my CTMH sisters were calling and sharing I was happy they were calling me but so upset I was not there with them! Well not this year...I did not miss it for the WORLD and I almost did again BUT thankfully to amazing Grandparents I was there in Long Beach!!

Many of you have heard me talk about Josh- you by now know that he is my world and I will be forever proud of him. He works so hard for the Air Force and he is an amazing father. He loves CTMH for all that it gives me in my life- a creative outlet, friends, and a career that works with our crazy lifestyle. Simply put I could never have a job like this in the "real" world without CTMH and for that I am grateful. We depend on each other as we do not have immediate family in the area to lean on when we need help. So I am so thankful that my inlaws flew all this way to help take care of the children so I could go learn, grow and play!!!! I am one lucky girl!

And Leadership was AMAZING! I think my body is still trapped somewhere between here and there. I will catch up soon and I cannot wait to start sharing all I have in this little head of mine! Let me tell you everytime I lay down all I think about is Close To My Heart- my clubs (hang on they are getting better!!!), my team ( hang on I have got news for you), and having fun at parties- let's have FUN TOGETHER!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! and you are going to FLIP over the new Catalog and all the NEW STUFF!!! I am not sure how Jeanette Lynton does it but she is one amazing lady! She keeps pushing this company to be the best and I am so grateful for her dedication and spearheaded devotion! I would love to share this company with you and have you journey with me! If this is something you have been thinking about TRUST me now is the time to join us....we have so much coming and so much to share that you will never regret your choice! Simply check out my website or email me(craftingdivas@cox.net) today....would love to share with you my

~Jennifer :)

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