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Sunday, August 9, 2009

thank you Tina!!!

Oh I feel so touched today as my dear friend, Tina Sutton, gave me a blog award. This is my second and it is so fun to receive! I just love blogging and keeping up with my friends that love sharing too! The Idyllhours blog award is the BFF award - Blogger Favorite Friend. How fun is that!!! Thank you so much Tina...I just love keeping up with you on your blog.

The rules of this award are:
  • accept the award by commenting on the blog of the person that gave it to you
  • pass it on to five others
  • reveal five things you enjoy doing
So here goes! I am sending the Idyllhours BFF award to Tiffany, Karen, Michelle, Melissa, and Elissa. These ladies are so much fun and it is great to keep up with them!

5 Things I Enjoy Doing:
*Spending time with my kids and Josh-always a good time
*Being creative with all my Close To My Heart products- love it!!! Keeps me happy!
*Reading a good book- just finished a great one a few weeks ago "Handle with Care" by Jodi Piccoult
*Shopping and going out to Eat with my Girlfriends
*Exploring each new state we live in- Having fun with how much there is to do in Northern Virginia!!!

~Jennifer :)


  1. You are too cute (and so is the pic of you and your hubby). Let's do (or something) sometime soon! We're too close not to!