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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

exciting function today!!!

I had a great day today! I attended the Belvoir Officer's Wives Club Luncheon today and had the pleasure of listening to Chef Roland Mesneir speak today. Chef Roland is a retired White House Pastry Chef- he worked in the White House for 25 years! It was such a treat to listen to his stories and hear about his inspiring story. He comes from a French village of only 140 people and what he has attained in his life is truly a story to behold and share! He has written 3 books- 2 cookbooks and one memoirs. I purchased the memoirs book and it was so fun to have him autograph them!

I was also touched by the Belvoir Officers Wives Club reaching out to Ft Hood and their victims. They were asking for donations to help the victims and their families directly impacted by this horrific act of violence against our Military. Words cannot express enough how deeply affected I am and so many in the military community by this one horrific act- it is beyond words and reasoning. Ft Hood is in the process of creating the "November 5th Fund". The proceeds will go to meet the needs of the families and survivors of the Ft Hood Massacre. If you would like to donate to the November 5th Fund, you may send checks to the address below.

Please make checks payable to "CONSOLIDATED CHAPLAINS FUND", AND WRITE "NOVEMBER 5TH FUND" IN THE MEMO BOX. This will make sure your money goes where you intend it. Otherwise the money will go to the general Ft Hood Chaplains fund.

Garrisons Chaplains Office
Bldg 44 761 Tank Battalion Ave
Fort Hood, Texas 76544-3030

take care and God Bless!
~Jennifer :)


  1. What a fun day. I would have loved to listen to his stories and experiences. I wish I could have been there with you!

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun when I left. Left you somehting on my blog today. go check it out.

  3. LOL...I, too, left you something on my blog...you are AWESOME!