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Saturday, November 21, 2009

CLubbin' FUN!!!!

Yesterday was my local Scrap n Play Club and we had so much FUN! I just LOVE my club members and I love when they bring their artwork to share!!!!! I have a challenge with my Club Members that if they bring back their pages with photos on them and if they have created more with all the left over paper I will have fun "happies" to give them for sharing and going the extra mile! It is so fun to see their artwork and the fun things they have created! I know we all love being inspired by each other and having our work appreciated! So here are some pics of their fabulous creations(feel free to click on the pic to see it bigger).

Last night we created 2 12x12 2 page layouts and the kit comes with directions to make 12 cards too. I made all of this plus had paper leftover to make a fun layout and a couple of cute 6x6 cards and I STILL have paper left in my kit. I love showing my friends and customers how much value they are getting from their monthly kits- it just simply ROCKS!!!! And thank you to my local club members you helped me get back a little of my creative groove I have been missing! And to my Club to Go Members- look at all this you can make! Are you long distance and want to be one of my Club to Go Members just simply email me at craftingdivas@cox.net to join and I will get you all set to go!
layout one- cannot wait to add pics!

layout two- so super cute!
one set of 6 cards- love these! (I still need to finish the other set)

bonus layout I created last night! it is from Cherish p. 108
bonus cards I created last night using Originals pgs.18 and 75

and here is all the paper I still have left over to keep creating with!!

Sorry for the long post but I sure made up for lost time, ehh?!?

Creatively Yours,
Jennifer :)

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  1. WOW! Gorgeous cards and layouts. I love what you did with this paper pack!