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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

one with nature....

So we have been outside A LOT lately and the kids are loving it( me too except I have not been able to play in awhile and my list is a mile long- we will get to that in a minute).  Patrick got a Basketball for his birthday and that kids is OBSESSED!  He is bouncing it everywhere and constantly asking- "Mom, can I go to the courts and shoot?"  I of course LOVE this and love that wears him out!  I also was not sure how long this would last as the hoops out back are 10 feet tall- he is still a little tyke.  Most kids I would think would get a defeatest mentality but not my Patrick- he is determined!  And when he makes a hoop- OH YEAH!!!!
So I emailed Josh at work the other day and said we need to get this kid an adjustable hoop he can practice with and keep encouraging him.  So Daddy ran to the store and picked up a hoop and Mr. P is using his birthday money to pay for- LOVE IT!  But the assembly of said hoop was no picnic!  Why oh WHY do projects like that cause sheer craziness/meltdowns in my house and I am talking the older 35 year old man kind!?!

Patrick came home from school today with a zeal to go outside.  I said sure and then I had an epiphany- I could create out back on the deck and keep an eye on him!  So that is what I did!  Don't you just love when you figure out how to balance something(and let me tell you I have not felt very balanced lately!). 

So here is my view of Patrick...off and running....FREEDOM!!!!!

And Here is the workstation I made outside....

So I was able to knock off on my creation list today- Thank You Cards for Patrick.  I made 8 of these and used my good old trusty Originals companion!  LIFE SAVER!!!!

Hope you enjoy my cards that I created outside today.....
Wishing a fun, creative day wherever it may find you.....

~Jennifer :-)


  1. I love these and how you were able to set up outside!!

  2. What a fun post. I feel your pain. I remember feeling like (not only when my kids were little, but even NOW) I was never 100% at anything I did. I was always doing one thing and thinking about something else I should be doing. I think that is a mental battle every mother has. The cards are darling. That is one of my all time fave paper packs.

  3. I love to read your blog! ...and creating outside, how sublime! That's my favorite: when everything works out so that I can scrap on the back porch. awesome!