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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Wow!  The Bohnart family has been BUSY!  It is all good but I just realized I have not update my blog in awhile. 

Today I had a great time teaching a fun Card Workshop to some new and old peeps!  They all enjoyed putting their creative caps on and diving on in for some serious FUN!  It was so fun to see them take the basic card designs and mix it up and make it their OWN!  I love sharing and playing together- you always learn and grow more in numbers!  Do you have a few friends that like to play with paper too?  I would love to set up a fun card making date for you and your friends or even a fun Scrappin time- just email me and we will get it rolling!  :-)

The rest of the week was spent being the fun Full Time Mom that I am and busy military wife.  We happily received a letter from Patrick's school stating that he had earned an Oustanding Academic Achievement Award in Reading Comprehension.  The awards ceremony was yesterday and I was crossing my fingers that Daddy could work a half day and be there for Patrick.  Well he did better than that- he surprised us by taking a day off!!!!  A huge thanks to the General for letting him be home- we all enjoyed it!  I think I really enjoyed having a fun day to share with him, no stresses and just a fun carefree day!  Isn't it amazing how the smallest things in life make the biggest impact?!?  We had a lovely lunch picnic along the Potomac River---ahh!!!

Then it was on to the school to watch our little bugger get an award!  We are so stinkin proud of him but more than anything watching his growth over this year has been a true JOY!  He is one funny kid and will forever keep Josh and I on our toes.  Just ask me about the DS and school- now there is a story and I am sure many more to come!!!

Here is hoping your week was full of all the things you love too!!!!

~Jennifer :-)


  1. Oh Jennifer... How exciting for Patrick... and for you guys!! And I know you really needed this day with Josh... So happy for you guys! Oh, and congrats on your card class... can't wait to hear about it! Hugs...

  2. What a special day and a fun honor for Patrick.