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Thursday, October 15, 2009

oh the things Patrick says!

Don't you just love all the milestones your kids journey through??? We had a big event tonight during bedtime routine- Patrick lost his first tooth! He worked on that wiggly bugger for about 15 minutes and refused for me to help. I was so amazed at his little determined spirit- he was bound and determined it would come out tonight!

So many of his friends started loosing teeth in Kindergarten last year and he just did not understand why his were not wiggly yet! The look of pure joy a few weeks ago when he realized he had his first wiggly tooth was priceless. And as if all this was not sweet enough he brought the whole experience to another level which I will ALWAYS remember!

As he was laying in bed checking his tooth out after he pulled it out he looked up at me and asked "Mommy why does the tooth fair collect teeth? Is that for real?" Oh his face was such a Patrick face- the are you serious she really collects teeth face! I worked so hard at not laughing and had to make up a great story about the Tooth fairy- what a great night to remember!

~Jennifer :)

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  1. You've got to share the tooth fairy story you cae up with. My kids asked why our tooth fairy left less money than their friends' tooth fairies. I had to come up with one on the spot, too. I told them that tooth fairies pay their clients with their own money. Our tooth fairy didn't come from as rich a family as many of the other tooth fairies and that she gave all that she could. So, they should be grateful she was willing to give what she had. That seemed to work. And now that they are all grown, none of them seem to be too messed up from my tooth fairy story. Whew! LOVE your new background.