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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

my lil' punkins!

Oh my...it is Halloween time! I love fall and I love enjoying it in Virginia! It is so fun to see the leaves change and enjoy the temperature changes, smells and sights- LOVE IT! The kids and I have been so busy lately. I took them to a local pumpkin place after Piano lessons today for them to pick out their pumpkins- we had fun! It was fun to see all the different types of pumpkins and Patrick of course had to pick out all the ones that were not standard- that would be my individual guy for you!

I am looking forward to the upcoming Craft Fair I will be at on Saturday November 7th. It will be so much fun to meet new faces and see familiar ones. I am also looking forward to after the craft fair so I will have my creative time back- shh don't tell anyone. :)

Until then I am enjoying making things for the craft fair, playing with the kiddos and getting ready for Halloween- Trick or Treat!!! :)


  1. GREAT pics!!!! I LOVE fall...but I HATE our weather...most days still feels like summer...and we don't have the fall colors either here in Houston. :(
    Thanks for sharing. I LOVE seeing the fall colors from those of you that have them. :)

  2. thanks Melanie! I completely understand after living in FL for 5 years! Have a SPOOKY good time this weekend!