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Friday, September 4, 2009


I am so lucky- I got more happy mail! The day after I posted about my happy mail from my friend, Cherie Lynn, I received MORE happy mail from Cherie Lynn! I am one LUCKY girl! I loved the card she made and her special note to me and this adorable mini album is the CUTEST! I cannot wait to make one myself! So fun! Thank you Cherie Lynn you are the best even if you hubby was in the Navy! tee-hee.

We have been BUSY this week getting the kids ready for school and we are leaving next Thursday for Colorado too! You will remember my brother is getting married! So much going on and I am running around like crazy- which is why I have been quiet this week.

Yesterday the kids had a Fun-Filled Day! They went to work with Daddy and then we had a special tour of the Pentagon- wowsa! I am so thankful the kids got to see where their Daddy works and have a glimpse at how important his job is! We also went to the Pentagon 9-11 Memorial and I was so impressed with their questions and truly wanting to understand what happened. They amaze me with their level of depth and understanding of life.

Then it was off to Patrick's school to meet his new teacher! We are tickled this year as he got Ireland's teacher from last year and the best part is he will loop with Mrs. Valent and the class. Which means he will have the same teacher and little friends for 1st and 2nd grade- this is exactly what my structured little guy needs. He is not a big fan of change- he LOVES routine! So I am feeling blessed to have this all set for him(now we just pray we don't move until 2nd grade is finished!).

After Patrick's little tour we were off to Ireland's new school! Can I just tell you how strong my daughter is??? This will be her 2nd new school in VA and a new school for each year! WOW! I am so amazed with her at times. We are happy for Ireland and hope she loves her new school and new friends and that the challenges this school has instore for her are right up her alley! The school expects a lot of their students but I know Ireland is up for the challenge and I think it will be a great opportunity for her!

I am looking for our last weekend of Fun together before the kids start school on Tuesday. I am torn between ready for them to be at school and enjoying having them home! I think in the end I will be doing a happy dance and thankful for the mental break for a few hours during the day- which hopefully I will get back in that Creation Station of mine without so many distractions!

here is Cherie Lynn's adorable 6x6 mini album! She used the new Grace Paper Pack, My Stickease, coordinating ribbon, brads, and our new Felt embellishments! Like I said I cannot wait to make one myself! Thank you again my dear friend! BIG HUGS to you!!!

~Jennifer :)

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