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Sunday, September 6, 2009

hey Batter, Batter....

We are having a fun Labor Day Weekend- hope you are too! The kids each had sleep-overs on Friday night. I had mixed feelings as my baby boy headed off to his friend Mikey's house for a sleep-over. He has never slept anywhere without us and mind you this child still gets up and joins us in our room still every now and then!!! So surprise, shock, and sadness were all the emotions as he headed off of on his adventure. He was in great hands and he did have a BLAST! (the girls had fun here too).

We spent Saturday just cleaning house and getting ready for our trip to Colorado. Josh needed to get some new duds and I sent him off shopping as two tired kiddos would not be fun waiting for Daddy to get his GQ look together. It is so nice to have a hubby that has great fashion sense and he is my bargain hunter too! LOVE IT.

Today we went to Church and then off for an afternoon game at the Nationals. We don't mind that they are the worst team so they say- we have grown to love the team and their players. I think in a few years they will be a team to watch! Patrick can tell you everything about each player and in fact he was getting frusturated when they had a player come in to Pitch Hit...oh he was cracking me up with his knowledge of the game- I am still trying to learn. :) They kids love to go and it is fun to share with them. And the game was awesome! Just as you thought the Nationals were going to give away another game for silly mistakes...Zimmerman steps up to bat in the bottom of the 9th and drives a home run that gives them the 1 run advantage to win the GAME! SO EXCITING!!!!! The kids were pumped and I was happy to teach Patrick that you always have to keep striving even when your back is to the wall!

I hope you are having a great time weekend too. I was busy tonight prepping for a fun Crafty afternoon I am doing with friends in Colorado on the Sunday after my brother's wedding-still cannot believe it is here. I am going to cry like a baby! I will share tomorrow some of the fun cards I put together. And yes I am crazy! I have had mulitple friends ask me if I am nuts! I cannot wait to see Tiffany and all her friends...we are going to have a blast!

~Jennifer :)

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  1. What wonderful and cherished memories you are creating for your children! Good job, mommy!