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Saturday, July 25, 2009

thanks for the thanks!

Wow! Seems like July has been on full speed for the Bohnart family!!!! We got home from our great trip to Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Thursday afternoon just in time to unpack, rest for an hour, then eat dinner and take Ireland to Ballet class. whew! what a week!

I have been busy of course doing laundry and putting all sorts of stuff away. I am also on a major cleaning spree because my in-laws are headed into town on Tuesday the 28th to stay with us for a week. The kids, Josh, and myself are so excited but I of course need things to be looking a lot better than they did when I walked through the door on Thursday! :) We did swimming lessons today and then I spent the rest of the day CLEANING! ugh...no fun....but then my hubby brought the mail in and I had a card for me!!! and guess what it was a handmade one too from my sweet downline Christine!!!! At our team meeting she shared her darling cards she worked so hard on using the Animal Cookies Creative Basics and I just LOVED LOVED LOVED them and secretly wished for one! Guess what I got one TODAY!!!! Thank you Christine for the card and your note- so appreciated!!!!

Don't you just love her card! well sadly back to cleaning, making lists and hopefully I will get to play tomorrow- I need to make Happy's for my trip to Leadership next week! And I know I promised directions on that True Fit Folio mini album...I promise to post them before I leave!

~Jennifer :)


  1. Cute card!!! You make such a fabulous upline. Christine is lucky to have you as an upline. Can't wait to see you in Sunny Ca next week!

  2. thanks Tina!!!! learned from the bestest! cannot wait to see you and all my friends too! okay so I am getting nervous about teaching my class! I am sure Cherie Lynn will pump me up! see you on wednesday!!!!