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Monday, July 13, 2009

oh the Memories...

I have been settling back into our crazy summer routine which seems to be sleeping in and playing hard together. While I have not had too much time to scrap or create lately, I did make time this weekend to upload a years worth of photos to Winkflash!!! Oh yeah, I love a sale! If you have over 100 photos to order you pay just 4 cents per photo! ROCK ON! Check it out...www.winkflash.com

I uploaded all the photos from 2007 that I have not scrapbooked. Yes I am behind and seriously who is not?!? I enjoy taking my time and creating pages that mean a lot to me and hopefully to my children in the future. There are different types of scrapbookers and I am a chronological scrapper...makes sense to me. I have during my time with CTMH scrapped current photos or pictures I have on hand from events so I do have a bunch of random pages in a demo album. I went looking in that album today to see if I had layouts from 2007 and I found a bunch. I picked two of my favorites to share with you and hope you enjoy them. It is so fun to look at how much my kiddos are changing. I just cannot wait to get that HUGE order in and start creating!!!!

*all products are Close To My Heart. Patrick's layout is made from the Serendipity Collection and Ireland's was made using Life's Delight. Embellishments used- Dimensional Alphabet letters, Life Delight's My Stickease, Prisma Glitter, Chocolate Eyelets, and a True Fit folio cut in half. I will be teaching my Scrap n Play class this week how to make a mini album out of one! So fun...stay tuned for directions. You can click on the photos too to see the larger if you like. :)

~Jennifer :)


  1. Hi Jennifer,
    I hope you don't mind that I leave a comment! I have been a CTMH Ind.Consultant for 1 year...I LOVE to blog lurk...and found your blog from Karen Pedersen (thru Lynnette, Brandie, Me) anyway...I LOVE your true fit folio idea on a page for a mini album! Way cool! next question...how do you put it together in a page protector? and can i use (YOUR) idea! I have Club on the 7th of aug using the tinkerin' paper and my ladies love the idea of mini albums on their pages (love the flip flaps! used this month) anyway...thanks for letting me lurk! your blog is awesome!

  2. Tiffany- you are so kind! I LOVE comments and yours has made my day! Please feel free to lift the true fit folio album idea. I had seen someone about 3 years ago make a card using the true fit and my concept just stumbled from there. I will post my directions after club...but basically when it is in the page protector I take a straight blade and cut a square around the mini album....so the rest of the layout is protected but the album pops through....hope that makes sense. Thaks again! and thanks Tina for the compliment too!