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Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Ireland!!!!!

Oh my beautiful girl is 9 today!!!! We had a fun birthday dinner out last night and enjoyed ourselves maybe a little too much- we were pretty silly! Maybe the camera brought out the sillies in us too and it was fun to capture. Patrick is KING of silly faces these days but if you take a look at the pictures I think he has learned a thing or two from his silly Daddy!!!! :)

The kids and I are headed to visit my sister in Chapel Hill, NC for a few days. We are super excited and Ireland has announced she wants to do this every year for her birthday while we are living in Virginia!!! SO FUN! I love that we are not too far to visit with her- she is a great sister and better Auntie as my kiddos would say!

Hope you guys have a great week...inside I am starting to get super excited to leave on the 29th for CTMH Leadership Conference...woo-hoo!!!! Cannot wait to see my dear friends and meet new ones too- I just love my CTMH sisters!! okay more on that later for sure!

Until then enjoy the Super, Crazy, Silly Bohnart Family- we sure know how to live it up in public!


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