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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

made in the USA...

Have you stopped to think about what is made in America lately...sadly not much! I had a good friend of mine, Jen, call yesterday asking if I could help her daughter with a craft project. I of course said yes and would love to- so much fun to play together! Her daughter, Hannah, is leaving on Sunday to go to Austria for swimming- WOW! One of the things they were asked to bring is something representing their country, made in America, a small item to swap. Poor Jen panicked when they went looking and everything said made in China! YIKES!!!! so that is when they called crazy, crafting, me!

Hannah came over this afternoon and we talked about different things we could make and she finally decided on altering two coasters that we connected together with a hinge that stands up to create a mini frame(you can click on the picture to see it bigger). Hannah had fun cutting the paper and stamping the fun USA images to the cardstock. Then she took great pride and signed her name to the back of each one! I have no doubt that all the girls will love her swap and be so impressed!!!!!

Thanks Hannah for a great afternoon!!!

~Jennifer :)


  1. What a cute project. I'm sure she'll be proud to share these. You were a life saver for her.

  2. thanks Karen! super fun to create with her and makes me excited for when Ireland is a little bit older...just need to be more patient with my own! :P