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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Wow...this year has flown bye! It seems just like yesterday that we made the big move from Florida to Northern Virginia! On July 1st it will be a year that we have lived here- how is that possible? I remember so vividly the agonizing packing and loading of our household goods but more than that I remember one of our Packers coming to me to let me see something in my son's closet and this is what I found....

can you see it??? My Patrick had written his name inside his closet in his adorable preschool handwritting! I asked him why he had done it and of course reassured him I was not angry and he simply said to me, "Mom I wanted the next kid to know this was my room." Oh he broke my heart and I just hugged him. I think slowly we realized this move was going to be hard on him. Patrick had only moved at 4 months old and 14 months old- he had no memory of it whereas his sister has moved 4 times since she was born. And to think about it the house in Florida he had lived in from 14 months old till 5 years old- that was the only place he knew, that was his home! So it will come as no shock to you when I say his transition to Virginia was rocky- big time!

Patrick started Kindergarten in the fall and I was full of emotions that my baby was off to the big school but I never imagined that for almost two months he would cry and scream every morning going to school. The Vice Principal had to pull him away from me almost every morning as he was holding on to my leg crying "please don't leave me...I don't want to go...can't you just home school me?!?" Oh he broke my heart every morning and it tears me up now as I write this and remember how the year began. Josh and I had one wish for him- to mature and handle change. I think our wish and prayers were answered as we look back on this year and we can see all he has accomplished!

Patrick is an amazing student- an excellent reader, great problem solver and he LOVES Math! His academic strengths are wonderful but it was his maturity and emotional side that we have seen really blossom! He is learning to accept change, he is a great leader in his classroom- has so many friends and even some of the kids you can tell look up to him, my how is has grown in height and in maturity.

All these emotions came flooding back to me today as I spent the morning playing with the kindergartners during their Field Day. I had a blast and I was so thankful I could be there to share in the FUN! To see Patrick today- confident, full of life, and determined made me so HAPPY and Proud of him. My how he has grown!

....and I can just get a glimmer every now and then what an incredible leader, athlete, and person he will be....
I love you my Patrick!!!


  1. OO...what a cutie!! I konw exactly how you feel! Isn't it fun to get little glimpses of what great kids they are?

  2. thanks Michelle! he is most days. :) it is fun to see the sparkle of what will be....thanks for dropping bye...

  3. Ok, I have wet eyes here. Patrick has a soft spot in my heart. Love that kid!

  4. What a great story! I'm so glad you took photos of his "autograph." For me, these are the BEST things to scrapbook. Holidays and special events are great, but the REAL life memories are what make me most emotional when I look back on my pages, and I suspect that will be the case with my children and their children, etc. when they look at my pages. GREAT job. I hope you made a layout. If you didn't, be sure to set aside some time to make one. It would be awesome. You are too cute. I love that you shared this.

  5. Awwww... you got me misty eyed too.... I love both of children dearly but for some reason, son's have soft squishy spot's in their Mama's hearts! I love it - you have got to scrapbook it!