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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

did you ever have one of those days?

Have you ever had one of those days that started out badly and just continued that you finally felt like you should have stayed in bed? Well that exactly sums up my day today.

We had a bad line of thunderstorms this morning that knocked out the power while I was sleeping, but thankfully my oldest came in asking, "Mommy what time is it? Why is the time flashing?!?" Oh the panic set in! How much did we oversleep? Can we hustle and get to school? Where is a clock to find the time? Thankfully when I found my watch it was only 7:30am. We had 30 minutes to hustle for school. We made it and off they went. And as I watched them walk into school I thought to myself, "Thank goodness only 9 more days of school and then morning freedom for a bit!" I then spent the morning trying to get with the program for the day but just felt out of it and ucky. My daughter had a Music Open House that I knew I had to get ready for and be there by 1:30pm. I made it to the school by 1:15 and was so proud I was early and ready but as I approached the gym I had a bad feeling! Why were there parents already in there watching kids? Oh that must be another class....NOPE...it was Ireland's class and I was 20 minutes late! UGH! I came in and a friend had graciously saved me a seat, she knew I was not feeling well, and we both laugh when I saw the look Ireland gave me. You can just imagine an almost 9 year old happy her mom was finally there but also upset that I was late! It was at that point that I thought, "Okay I just should not have gotten out of bed!" Yes you can call me Mother of the Year, but hey our kids need to know that not everyone is perfect and that we all make mistakes sometimes. Right?!?

So that was my crazy Tuesday and I am happy to say I am going to end it with Card Crazy Club with friends and I know we all will get a great laugh out of my day today! Here is hoping you had a good Tuesday and if not just know you are not alone. :)

~Jennifer ~ :)


  1. You made me giggle. Isn't life full of craziness? What would we do if every day were the same?

  2. the craziness did not stop Karen! During club we had a little visitor- a mouse! A mouse in the house and where there is one mouse there is sure to be more! And Josh added to the evening with his manliness of exterminating said mouse and talking with the ladies- and at this point I am just laughing hysterically!