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Saturday, March 27, 2010

why I scrap...

I started scrapping during college and while my skills have improved with time the reasons why I scrap have not- to preserve my memories.  I love getting out the books and remembering all the fun times and reflecting on our lives and the journey.  It is so much fun to share this with my children- THEY LOVE looking at the scrapbooks!  We got out Patrick's scrapbook today since it is his birthday.  I love seeing the twinkle in their eyes as they flip the pages- PRICELESS!!!

These moments make it all worth the time!  I know one day they will have fun showing their children (YIKES!).

So as we went down memory road today I thought I would take you along....and also to show you as with any craft or art form the more you play your style evolves over time.  :-) so no teasing...OKAY!?!
And yes- my oh my have we aged...hopefully well but nevertheless we are getting older.  Poor Josh has a ton of gray hair now which he attributes to the children!  And our sweet Ireland is no longer blonde- she is a lovely brunette.  Amazing to see our journey.....

The kids are now on Spring Break and we are headed for a little vaca with my sister and future brother in law- gotta knock out some upcoming wedding stuff- YIPPPEEE!!!!

I will share one last photo....so I showed Patrick and me then....here is Patrick and me as of yesterday...

I think he is one of the cutest 7 year olds I know- yes I am biased but seriously how can you not eat that face up!?!

Life is good!!!

~Jennifer :)


  1. Happy Birthday Patrick! I miss you guys!

  2. I have pages just like that!! LOL So fun to look back!

  3. Isn't family the most precious gift of all? And scrapbooking is the BEST way to preserve all of those sweet moments in life.

  4. You look the same! Yes, Josh looks older, but now he is married to hot young thang!! :-) Love you, man!!