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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Balance is something that I think I try to strive for each day- don't we all struggle with this is some way? One of the things that I constantly give up when I fill like my scales are being tipped to one side too much is exercise. I know this is not the right choice but it seems like when push comes to shove it is the one thing that I axe easily without thinking. I will confess I do not enjoy it- it adds more to my day it seems. The mere fact that I have to come home and get dressed again and try to attempt to have a decent look for the day- ugh- by the time that is complete is like almost noon and I feel this HUGE sense of seriously what have I gotten done in my day. I know on so many levels that exercise is good and that it is needed and all the things that I whine and make excuses for are just trivial BUT this has been my mantra since the kids have been born- TOO HARD TO FIT IN!

Well....I am working on changing this. I read some where that if you make something a routine for 40 days it becomes apart of you- well we are going to give this a try. Which might mean that I don't blog as much as I use to, or have a clean house all the time, or get as much "play time" in as I want. But I will be doing something for me that I hope transcends in my life in a lot of positive ways. I would like to have at least 2 days a week that I do Yoga at the studio- I so enjoy it and I come home feeling so much better. The past two weeks have been great and even my instructor is happy to see I am TRYING to change my bad habit. I am looking forward to the weather improving and all the salt and sand from the storms disappearing so I can go ride my bike- I LOVE MY BIKE and love taking bike rides with the kids!

Today I received the layouts that I did on Studio J! I had lunch with a girlfriend and she is seriously hooked and chomping at the bit to be able to play! I promise you- the release date for all customers is coming SOON!!!!!! I am so hooked on this and again NEVER EVER thought I would!!! I think this way to create will help with my BALANCE issue in life and I know it will help SO MANY more and get SO MANY others hooked on creating special keepsake albums for their families! Another thing that I discovered that I love about Studio J- it FORCES me to Journal!!!!! When I create my own layouts- a lot of the times I will say oh I will come back and journal...well I have pages and pages that STILL need to be completed!

So enjoy these pictures and I know you will be amazed that yes this was created and printed out!!! CRAZY COOL!!!!

~Jennifer :)

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  1. Hey, Jen! GREAT layouts! I have one on SJ that I need to finish. I can so relate to the "balance" thing; only mine is being able to balance -- work, exercise, family AND CTMH! I am an exercise-aholic. I LOVE to run. That's when I get all my thinking done; work out any frustrations (I'm not one to discuss outloud feelings). I need to really figure out how to balance family & CTMH with my exercise. Work is...well, work. Nothing I can do about that.

    Good luck. You're doing a good thing; and it really only takes 2 weeks to develop a good habit. You're well on your way. :)