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Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Fun...

More Fun with Studio J! I have to say this new program is addictive! I am just loving it and I never thought I would love to create on a computer BUT this simply ROCKS!!!! I received my layouts from the last time I played and I was just blown away with the quality, vivid colors, and dimensional look- I will post those tomorrow! I love being able to create layouts this way and get caught up plus this helps with my number one big problem- never having the photos developed that I need or in the sizes I need! Gotta love the one stop shop!

Are you ready to play too? What are you waiting for? If you are a consultant already- I highly encourage you to play around and create- you will not be disappointed! If you are itching to play- just simply join my team for only $99! You will get well over $300 worth of product plus you will get a discount and the store ships right to you! I love CTMH because you can do as little as you want, we call that a Hobbyist, or as much as you want- make it work for you! I would love to share more with you about this great opportunity! After 4 years of being with CTMH, I have absolutely no regrets- it has enriched my life beyond measure!!!

And what is even better....during the Month of March when you Dare to Dream and join my team you will receive all the Stamp of the Months for the new Summer Catalog(May-August) for FREE in addition to all those great products you will get for just $99! what a deal!!!!!! That is over $400 worth of goodies for just $99- doesn't get any sweeter than that!

I am here to assist you near or far. My Crafting Divas are all over the states and stationed at military bases across the globe! I offer team trainig via email and phone calls- you are never alone.

okay I am off to play in my Creation Station.....

~Jennifer :)

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