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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am speechless, simply speechless! I went to my mailbox today and there was "happy mail" for me today- you know how much I love happy mail! What was even better was when I opened the envelope and out popped this AMAZING piece of artwork! As I sit here typing I am still in awe. This card was created by a fellow consultant and she is an inspiration to me both professionally and personally- Karen Pedersen. Karen knows I just love her to pieces and I post on her blog that she is amazingly talented but she is also a woman to respect and admire. Thank you so much for always being such a source of great inspiration!!!

and I had to share another WOWSA piece of artwork I received this week- my Valentine from my daughter. She created this at school and since they were out FOREVER...it came home a little late but no worries because it was so worth the wait!!!! This is another gal that just oozes talent and warmth from her heart....she makes me so proud to be a Mommy! Just wonder what her path and journey will be but until then I am enjoying every minute of her spirit here( but let me tell you there are days that her spirit needs to hang out in her room and calm down a bit!)

Thanks to all who posted on my blog with title suggestions- LOVE THEM!!!! It was so fun to read and I cannot wait to share some fun with my blog friends! Sheila if you could email me your addy I have something fun to send your way....craftingdivas@cox.net

~Jennifer :)

***and please let the winter angels guide this next storm a little bit north of us....seriously this town cannot handle anymore not to mention my kids need a Summer Break and I need to escape when I can!


  1. SO glad you liked my card, Jennifer! And, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the kind words. You rock!

  2. I think these cards are beautiful - how nice for you to have received them!

  3. WOWSA is RIGHT!! That is a BEAUTIFUL card. She never ceases to amaze me. You have also got quite a good little crafter in your house, too! Ireland's card is adorable. You are so blessed!
    Thanks for sharing!