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Thursday, February 18, 2010

bring on some Clubbin FUN!

I am so ready to see my Scrap N Play friends tomorrow!!!! (if you are looking for pictures...keep reading there are TONS on this post...just scroll on down...) I know we all are looking forward to creating together and sharing our fun blizzard stories! I am also excited to see any artwork they created over our snowed-in time. :)

I LOVE the layouts for this month and guess what?!? I actually put pictures on both but I need titles for each of them- can you help a girl out?!? I would love to have some ideas for these layouts- so please comment with any fun titles, the title winner will receive some blog candy for me as a thank you!!!! Background on these layouts: the photos are from Bush Gardens Williamsburg. We went in August 2008 and had so much fun!!! Turns out Patrick is our thrill seeker as he LOVED the Big Bad Wolf Roller Coaster.

Here are the photos of the layouts for this months Scrap N Play! Would you like to play but are not local, no problem! I do Club to Go and you can have these kits shipped right to your house! So easy and fun!!!! Just email or call me for more details- craftingdivas@cox.net

feel free to click on any picture to see it larger...

I changed the first layout from the directions- if you notice I actually rotated the 2nd page to fit horizontal photos instead of the vertical photo slots. Another feature I LOVE- our layouts are so easy to alter and work in any direction!

Don't you LOVE how this Topstitch paper works so well for either gender! It is a perfect balance!

~Jennifer :)

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