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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

team gifts!

Like I mentioned last night so SUPER Pumped that 6 of my Crafting Diva Team Members are coming to convention!  I have had fun thinking of team gifts and putting some cute things together!  I will be seeing my gals tomorrow night at 8:15pm and cannot wait to give each one a BIG HUG!!!!!!!

I have fun things to share that I have made- roomie gifts and team gifts but I have to keep it under wraps to keep the surprise.  I am so bad with keeping surprises- so hard!!!  So here is a sneak peak- I made some cute monogrammed bag tags for my girls!  I hope they like them!  My daughter came in and saw what I was working on this morning and screamed- I WANT ONE TOO!!!!!!!!  So I think they pass the test!

Let the countdown begin!!!!!!!!!!

~Jennifer :-)


  1. I am so trying to figure out what is black! LOL

  2. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for this AWESOME bag!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I didn't even see your post until this morning. So you were very good at keeping it a secret! It was so nice meeting you!!