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Monday, July 12, 2010

Magical Moments!

 So many of my team members pour their hearts into their creations and business and I take great pride in watching them soar.  This year my friend and fellow Downline, Kara Hileman, had amazing successes with her start but the one thing that stands out to me and so many is Kara's electric personality that easily draws people in.  They want to be apart of the fun and love hanging out with Kara as she makes each person feel special- she is such a treasure!  I was so touched and moved that Close To My Heart chose to honor Kara with one of the 3 Rising Star Awards.  The look of surprise and amazement on her face and sharing that momemt with her is something I will never forget!

  I am so happy CTMH put the announcement on Youtube as it was hard to concentrate on everything in the moment!  Click here if you would like to see!

   Speaking of moving mountains- she moved and conquered them to come back to DC for Convention.  Kara talked with me about how important this was for her and how she did not want to miss out on all the fun and the FREE goodies we would be getting!  I am still blown away at how she has made it all work.  Most of us would have easily given up when you take in the fact that she would need to travel back to the states by herself with her 2 boys( think of the struggle of that emotionally and financially); then she would need to find someone willing to stay with her and take care of the boys so she could attend the convention.  Plus convince her husband that this event was worth it and what she needed!  Kara did it all and worked it all out so she could come share with all of us and learn and grow plus fill her spirit.  I am moved beyond words by the love and devotion of Kara's mother that was willing to fly from Kansas to DC to stay and watch the boys so she could do this plus to her husband for realizing this makes her happy and gives her a purpose and sense of joy that as military wives we sometimes struggle with from time to time.  I am honored to call Kara my friend and touched by her presence in my life.  A huge thanks to Close to My Heart for honoring her with this award- Kara is truly deserving and I know she has been touched beyond words!

What a whirlwind Convention was for us all!  I am so energized to read many messages from friends and team members that are jazzed and renewed just like me!  We are going to set our goals and hit them- and we support each other all the way!  I love you all and miss my crafty friends already BUT you know I am one email away, call away or facebook post away- just reach out and I am there for you.

For my friends and customers that have been thinking about joining- I can think of no better time than now.  We are such a fabulous community and sisterhood and my life is so full because of it! Would you like to chat more about it- give me a call or let's set a date to chat in person.  I am always here no matter what you need!

Sadly I am back in Planet Reality which means I am working the Domestic Diva duty today- how is it that your house can explode in just a few days without Momma?!?  But don't you worry I will be creating and planning lots of fun events VERY soon!!!!

Here are some fun pics of me with the gals!  It was so FUN!

~Jennifer :-)

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  1. What a great week and a great trip. I am so glad you were able to attend. I loved spending time with you. Miss you already GF!