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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My bag Runneth over!!!!

So besides all the great classes and reconnecting with my peeps(which is a true highlight), we come home with SO many NEW goodies!!!!!  AHHH I love my Fun Job!!!

Sneak Peak at the NEW Fall/Winter Catalog- LOVE IT!!!
This Catalog will go live to all my fabulous customers September 1, 2010!  Be sure to reserve your copy today!  Email me at craftingdivas@cox.net or better yet you know you are going to love it all- let's get your Party on the calendar today!!!!  :-)

Plus we received a ton of NEW product from the new catty!  Look at all these goodies!!!

Then we get to take fabulous art classes and they supply all the cut pieces to create those- I will be sharing my finished products soon!  Promise!  Truth be told I got a little overwhelmed and decided to finish up some of the projects at home.

Then they announced they were updating some of our Summer Palette colors and we received all 8 NEW colors.  THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
The Summer Carnival Palette is now Gypsy, Holiday Red, Pacifica, Sunny Yellow, Sunset, Topiary.  The Summer Celebration Palette is now Cotton Candy, Dutch Blue, Lagoon, Pear, Sky, Smoothie.

This means the colors being retired are: Hydrangea, Ocean, Orange, Star Spangled Blue, Clover Meadow, Watermelon, Bubblegum, Citrus Leaf.  Stock up on supplies now for any of these items you want to keep for your own personal stash.  I recommend having a reinker for any of these colors that you now own- that way you will always have it!

PLUS there are random drawings for even more FUN prizes and my name was one of the lucky ones drawn.  I received all the product to create artwork out of one of the pages in the new Idea Book.

Then I was SPOILED by my crafty friends with some very creative gifts- THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you- Kelly Shea, Dee Dee Griffin, Cherie Lynn Hagan, Tina Sutton, Tonya Sheridan, Beth Naumann, Elizabeth Chu, Marie Butler, Hanna Ahn, Christine Healy and Sherri Owens.  WOWSA!

So My house is getting back in order BUT my Creation Station is a disaster and now I need to find homes for all these fabuous new goodies!!!!  Cannot stop saying it BUT Life is GOOD!!!!!!!

~Jennifer :-)

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