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Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 Much FUN!!!!!

oHhhhhh  My what a whirlwind the past 4 1/2 days have been for me!  I just LOVE having the best job on earth- being a Mom and sharing Close To My Heart with all my crafty friends- LIFE IS GOOD!  Warning you are going to get a big post from me today!  :-)

Pictured to the left are 6 of the 7 Crafting Divas that attended Convention(Hannah missed our team meeting that night but enjoyed the Convention with us).  It was so great to meet some of them for the 1st time in person, although I felt like I already knew them for our frequent emails and training phone calls, and share this incredible time together.  I hope their spirits are as renewed and energized as mine is after such an incredible event filled with announcements of new product(yes I said NEW), new business tools to make my life even easier, and amazing artwork and technique training.  To say my head is spinning and full is a MAJOR understatement!!!

      I had so much fun giving gifts to my hardworking team members( see previous blog for more details) and I love the tradition of showering your roomies with gifts.  I have been on a level one kick for a little bit lately and I had fun taking 3 different level one kits to make my Roomie Gifts!  I made two My Creations Display Albums and One My Creations Binder- they are really so simple to create.  A few cuts and voila you have a fun altered item!  The great thing about Level One kits are the fun MyStickease that are included in the package- makes embellishing quick!  (remember you can always click on a picture to see it bigger...

   Seeing all my Close to My Heart Friends over the past 4 days has truly been uplifting and motivating.  I love these special gals dearly and wish we could see each other more but there is no doubt we more than make up for it when we all get together!!!!

     I also wanted to thank my special friends who gave me little "happy's" from out of the blue!  Your generosity and gifts mean the world to me- it truly touched my heart!  Here are a few of the special happy's I received!
As you can tell I am just bubbling with excitement and lots to share!!!!  I better close before I just ramble on forever!

     It was truly a blast and I hope more will join me next year in Annaheim, CA for more CTMH Magic and FUN!!!!!!!

~Jennifer :-)

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