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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Mail Day!!!!

Oh what a Happy, Happy Day!!! I received another unexpected goodie in the mail the other day! I received this beautiful card from one of my downline- Marie- thank you Marie!!!! I just love the simple beauty and elegance- don't you??? Then I was blown away when I discovered a small clear envelope inside holding some cut out pieces. I had no idea what they were until I spread them out and realized that it makes a word or words....

SCRAP N PLAY!!! It hit me and I was instantly touched as Marie read one of my team emails and fixed a problem for me! I had shared my big display board photos with my team and just raved about how much I LOVE this big size and it works perfectly for us. I admitted to them and now I will to you- hold onto your seats- I do not own a Cricut. I have often thought about it but just have yet to make that investment yet. So I said I was wishing I had a Cricut so I could print out the letters for Scrap N Play and put them on my board. Little did I know I had an Angel working away with her machine for me and

SO CUTE!!!! and it will look Perfect on my Scrap N Play Board!!!! A million thank yous!!!!! I am so touched!

Here is hoping you find something special in your mailbox and it puts a spring in your step!

~Jennifer :)


  1. What a beautiful card and sweet downline.

  2. Man, she beat me to it! hee hee! I am "working" tomorrow and was going to cut you some letters. :-) Miss you!

  3. OH my - HOW thoughtful was that!!! :-)