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Thursday, January 28, 2010

from Spain...

I got happy Mail the other day and it blew me away!!!! I had no idea that my friend and downline Kara had popped something in the mail for me- so sweet!!!!! When I opened the box to discover what was inside I was just blown away that she took the time to send a belated Christmas and Birthday gift- seriously her life is so crazy, busy over in Spain and I just was overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness! We met through another friend a few months after I moved here and we instantly hit it off- she is like a long lost sister!! We share a love for all things crafty, family oriented and of course we bleed Air Force Blue together! It was so hard to learn that her husband was given orders to Rota, Spain; but she was the type of friend I knew that would keep in touch and our connection would continue! Gotta LOVE technology- magic jack and skype!!!!


I love the the Spanish pottery tiles that spell our name- cannot wait to have a forever house to hang it in! And the bracelet and scarf are SUPER cute! LOVE THEM!!!! And my stylish Ireland had so much fun trying them on last night and telling me, "Mom, you know scarves are in right now- they are very stylish!"
Um okay when did I become unstylish??? Help! I am being reminded by my 9 1/2 year old daughter! YIKES!!!!

I am so thankful for my fabulous team and dear friends that I have with my business- puts a happy face on me everyday!!! I cannot wait to see so many of them in July at Convention!!! And I am just so tickled that Kara is flying back to the States to attend Convention- she is going to LOVE IT!!!!!! Look out the Divas are going to ROCK DC for SURE!

~Jennifer :)

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