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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

C'est Magnifique!

I am having so much fun catching up on my scrapbooks minus the other day when I had to spend over an hour figuring out that I had scrapbooked pictures in the wrong year.  OOPS.  No major biggy other than a date wrong on a page and then sent me into a panic to look through the pages and make sure I had not made other mistakes!  So I am using this time to get caught up!  I feel like I have been working on 2006 and 2007 FOREVER!!!  This moving stuff really interfers sometimes!  :-)

   Let me tell you about my crazy, easy process of scrapbooking CTMH style- LOVE IT!  So this layout just started out with me looking at 7 photos and thinking hmmm how will I put this together.  FIRST step- the CTMH layout books(LOVE THEM ALL- you've got to pick one or all of them up, click here to check them out on my online shopping page)!  I took out the Magic book- looking through to see what layout with 7 pictures spoke to me.  VOILA!  It was the Shuffled Deck Layout on page 42.  Second Step- paper....hmmm...what to use???  The turqoise in the pool pictures really spoke to me and I wanted to capture that and the fun polka dot turqoise paper in the Magnifique collection really caught my eye!  So then I start pulling out paper and layering to see what combination looks the best to me.  Thrid- I cut the pieces out according to the directions and then glued the puzzle together and there is the layout!  

Of course if you know me I cannot leave paper ALONE!  I have got to distress it! 
 So out came the Pacifica ink and I distressed all the pieces- yep all of them!  Love that Distress to Paper Technique- simply swipe the edges of the paper in your ink pad!  There is no right or wrong!  Okay then I had to scissor distress some of the pics to give them interest.  Thought that would really help draw your eye to the 4 2x2 pictures layed in a row- love this techqnique too!  

 And if you notice I even had my Cricut Chirping today!  Boy is it ever fun to have your titles cut out!  I simply sanded each individual letter too! And I found Liquid Glass to be a great adhesive for these skinny letters.   I used the Jasmine Cartridge.  :-)

And I am so happy with my layout and of course I love remembering these fun days!!!!

 And I have been madly creating with this paper pack too...look at these FUN cards I made as well.....

I had fun with our Sparkles and Opaques that helped jazz these cards up and give them a little pop!

~Jennifer  :-)

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