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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Time for....Me...????

Okay that is an interesting concept, right!?!  For any mom out there you know what I mean.  We are so use to doing and getting things done and tableing those items that we would like to do for ourselves.  My kiddos started school on Tuesday this week and I found myself all day walking around this new house thinking of them constantly and not knowing what to do with myself while they are gone!

New places, new schedules, new friends(hoping I will find some soon) and just everything NEW!  It can lead you down a crazy path- one that can drive you a little batty as you are not knowing where to start, what to finish, or what is a true priority.  Yes this is our 6th move in our 13 years of marriage and yes one would think you would get use to it and know how to "roll" with everything but let me tell you it is new everytime unless you are going back to a place you have been before- in our case that has never happened. So the first day of school, I was all consummed about my kids if they were doing okay, meeting friends, feeling settled- all the typical concerns.  And then yesterday I came home after dropping them off and started with the pacing around the house and trying to figure out what to do with all my time....then it hit me like a ton of bricks....something a friend mentioned to me during our move/transition and it made sense when she said it but to be honest I just sorta pushed it aside.  But yesterday it hit me square in my face- TAKE THIS QUIET TIME AND DO WHAT YOU WANT!
really?!?  So I sat and thought about what have I not had time to work on that if I had all the time to devote to what would it be.....CATCHING UP ON MY SCRAPBOOKS!!!!

Okay some of you may be thinking- what?!?  Seriously I work on a lot of different projects and teach classes to others be it preschool last year or my monthly Scrap N Play club but that does not mean I am working on the things that I want and that are meaningful to me!  So I dived in and tried to figure out where I was in my books but that path just leads to me overplanning so I opened up one of my photo boxes and just started cranking them out.  Confession here----because I have taught so many classes and designed different projects I have a lot of Scrapbook Pages ready for Photos so that cuts a lot of my time in half!  So I sorted through my stack of created layouts and would match the colors/themes with my photos I had to scrap.  Then I needed to add the embellishments, journaling and other fun touches.  So here is just one example of what I mean:
All the pictures added but it needs more...don't you think?  Like what is this about...what is the focus of the story I am trying to tell???(you can click on the photos too to see them larger if you like)

And then I LOVE our Memory Protectors Photo Storage Pages they help a lot when you want to keep the story contained within a few pages.
and I love adding a fun journaling spot in one of the photo pockets too and you can jazz it up with a few stamps to coordinate with your scrapbook layout.

So I am off to continue to put photos to pages and work on things that are meaningful to me.  I think as Life comes together here I need to keep this in focus and remember to take time to work on my scrapbooks and not let the overwhelming feeling creep in.

Oh my new Cricut Expressions was delieverd last night too....thinking I need to drag that out of the box and figure that bad boy out!  So much to do- I guess I do have things to keep me busy!  :P

Creatively Yours,

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