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Friday, September 9, 2011

Guest Post! for Fun Friday Crafty Project

Sorry I missed last Friday- hubby had the day off and that always gets me out of sink!  Thankfully we knocked out some house projects around the new Casa and made a list of what I still would like to "reasonably" conquer.  :-)

Fast forward to this week where one kiddo got diagnosed with Strep Throat on Tuesday and then the other one came down with it yesterday.  Not much crafting taking place this week as I have been running back and forth from clinics, pharmacies, etc...  As well as becoming the queen of Lysol.  I am just hoping this is not a sign of my year to come with the kids at a new school and new environment.

My fabulous friend and dowline Kris Brown made me the most original and CUTE gift before I left Virginia! You can find Kris here and if you live in the NOVA area you should attend her fun monthly workshops!  I miss Kris' monthly inspirations at club!

 I adore this and I am so happy to have found the PERFECT spot for this in our new Casa!  She told me that she loves to make these for wedding gifts- what a great idea!  I think they are the perfect gift and adds such a classy touch.  I was so surprised when she broke down how easy it is to recreate!

You say you like it too???  Okay so here is what you need:

a black frame(size of your choosing).  Your are going to take all the mattes and paper out and just leave the glass.

a drill(going to have to drill 2 holes into the top of the frame to thread your ribbon through)

Ribbon- fun ribbon to coordinate with your project.  For this frame Kris used our Dark Chocolate Striped Grosgrain Ribbon.

Vinyl- so 12x12 or 12x24 vinyl sheets to use in your Cricut to cut your letters out.  I would love to hear from my readers of the places they shop at to find the best prices and selection of vinyl to use with their Criuts!

And really that is all.  You pick your font or fonts you want to use with your Cricut, size of the lettering and then just put together!

I love the possibilities of this and I am so grateful to Kris for such a thoughtful handmade gift and one that gets my crafty energy peaked!

Here is hoping all are healthy in your house and that you have some time for a Fun Friday Crafty Project!

Creatively Yours,
Jennifer :-)

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