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Saturday, May 1, 2010

where to start?

So Flag Football season is back!  So far Patrick's team 'The Patriots' are 3-0!  WOO-HOO!  Their team has really pulled together from a rocky start.  One of the outcomes of the rocky beginning is that Mr. B is now the head coach and I think he is enjoying it!  :-)  He was afraid to step up as he thought he would be better suited for older kiddos but he is doing awesome!!!!  The kids love him and respond to his quiet, fun yet stern personality plus he runs the drills with them!  It was so fun to see them running the cones this morning together.  They looked like that Centipede Game from the Atari system way back when- remember?  Anyways- they had a great day.  Patrick was in his zone on defense-pulling flags, breaking up plays and almost had an interception!!!   BUT it turned bloody with about 5 minutes left to the game...

   When Patrick came walking over to me with a massive bloody nose!  It was crazy.  I had ONE tissue in my pocket and scrambled to find something- came up with our reusable grocery bag.  But thankfully some fellow Moms came with an ice pack and then 2 diapers- YES Diapers and they did the trick!  There was a time that 2 of us were looking at each other and wondering if we needed to make a visit to the ER but thankfully it FINALLY stopped bleeding!  So now I am thinking I need to have some better supplies ready for Game Day- who knew Flag Football would cause such a commotion!

My kids have their last day of Church School Tomorrow morning- so I needed to come up with some thank you gifts for their awesome teachers!  The kids have had a fun year and we are so grateful to their teachers for their time and dedication!  I made an Event Calendar for Patrick's teacher and then Ireland's Mother/Daughter team I put together 6 personalized cards for each.  I used the Silhouette Paper Pack, some fun retired ribbon I have, the Boutique Stamp set for one and then the Treasure Life Stamp Set for the other plus the fun Just Blooms Spring Blossom Paper Flowers.  I sure hope they enjoy them!

    I am looking forward to tomorrow as well!  I am heading over to my friend Barb's house for a fun joint Team Meeting with her team and mine.  We are going to have a blast!  I always love getting together with my team and I know we all love being inspired by each other and just enjoying a fabulous afternoon to reflect on how much we love CTMH!!!

Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

~Jennifer :-)

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