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Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Joy!

So stinkin' excited to share this with you....these are my kiddos and they are part of the artwork for the new Level One Splendor Kits!  SO fun and they are truly MY JOY!!!!  I LOVE level one kits for the ease and beauty of quickly putting some pages together.  They are a HUGE value for only $9.95 plus s/h you can create 4 pages in a FLASH!  Not only that you can think beyond Scrapbook pages with these- I have created fun flip flap albums, my creation binder albums and even made CUTE cards out them!

Speaking of Cards....I have just finished a class sample that I am DYING to share with you on taking a level one kit and making cute cards with it.  Darn battery charger!(and my dear knight in shinning military armor did order me a new one- he rocks!).

Thanks for letting me scream with delight at Ireland's and Patrick's time in the spotlight!  It is a true JOY!

and have I told you lately- I LOVE MY FUN JOB!!!!!!

~Jennifer :-)

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