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Friday, May 14, 2010


I had fun last night using the left over paper from our Cherry-O kit to create some cards plus use the AWESOME Stamp of the Month Set this month- LOVE IT!!  If you have not ordered yours yet you have gotta get one!  And what is even better is you can get it 25%, 50%, 75% off or even FREE!  Yes you heard me FREE!!!!  You are not going to want to miss this awesome set!
      I had so much fun playing and enjoying that I decided to create some cute pinwheel flowers!  They are pretty easy to create- just need some cute/colorful paper and start folding!!
The colonial white designer brads worked perfect in this first one to finish the flower off- love these new fun brads!!! 

So are you curious how to make these???  Okay so excuse my crazy pics but hopefully you will get the idea and I cannot wait to hear how much fun you are having with them!  

I started with a 4x4 piece- it is a great size to practice with.  The pieces in the card started out as a 2x2 piece and I layered 8 of them together. 

fold in half

fold in half again- this will give you a center line for your two next folds- open it up

now fold down using the crease as your guide for the middle...
fold down flaps to form 2 small triangles

turn over- and take the triangle on the right and bring it over and fatten sideways...

after you have folded all your pieces now you can layer them on each other making sure the points stay close together.
and here is another I created too last night!

Hope you have fun!!!!

~Jennifer :-)


  1. Your tutorial makes it look so easy...gonna have to try it out! LOVE this card!

  2. Jennifer, I have been a pinwheel making fool since I found these on your blog! Thanks for sharing with us! Can't wait to see you again at convention.