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Monday, August 9, 2010

Do you?

Know how to use your camera in the Manual mode?  I will be the first to say Nope- had no clue!
I love my new camera that I received for my birthday recently and after reading all the reviews and talking with my tech savy brother(waving hi- I knew it was perfect for me.  I love all my friends SLR cameras and the great pics they take but to be honest that is WAY to BIG a camera for me to lug around.  So I wanted something with that capability but in a more compact size- so I ended up getting the Canon G11 and I have been THRILLED with it!  It has so many great modes and settings and I am just loving the pictures it takes!  BUT I have wondered about learning more.....

   So a FUN perk to my FUN job is that each year I have the ability to be "treated" to a fabulous VIP night with other CTMH ladies on the Scattered Hearts Team.  I was so EXCITED for this years VIP night because it was a DC Photo Safari at Night- woo-hoo!!!!  (thanks TINA)  We put our cameras on Manual mode, learned a lot of fun tricks and just sat taking shot after shot.  Biggest thing I learned- HAVE FUN and just keep TRYING!  It is digital, don't get a good shot, keep on going!  Our instructor was awesome- cheers to you Mr. David for handling all of us crazy paper gals- yes we can be a handful!  :-)  If you live in the area and have been thinking about pushing or testing the waters- GO FOR IT!!!  I want to take another class- anyone want to join me?!?

So here are some of my favorite shots and I can proudly say I did not use the Auto button or any of the fancy preset features- it was all Manual baby!!!

~Jennifer :-)


  1. JEN...these are GORGEOUS!! I would SOOOO love to take a class with you...but I'm too far away. :( I have NO CLUE how to use my Canon Rebel xt to its fullest capacity!! I want to learn more!!!

    Great job!

  2. Those are just awesome. I need to learn how to use my camera on manual mode. Your photos of the WW2 memorial are breathtaking. Thanks so much for sharing.