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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Mail~

I just love when I get unexpected Happy Mail!!!!!!  Last week I had a fun package delivered to my door and I was so excited to open it because it made so much noise- the box rattled and shook and even the kids were like "What is in there?!?"  When I heard the shake I had a feeling and then I opened the box and I was blown away!!!!!!!   SHELLS!!!!!!  YAHOO!!!!!!!! 

So let me back up for a minute- do you remember how I worked the NJ Expo and could not wait plus I got to have fun with my CTMH sisters!  So one of my fun sistas- Jen Cox- worked the Expo with us and we had a BLAST!!!  Lots of hard work and fun work and then a crazy NJ creepo that I talked down(think I SHOCKED everyone) but that is a Military Man's wife for you!  Anyways we had a blast and lots of stories to share for years to come- aren't those trips the best!?!  So I saw Jen was giving these amazing shells to a friend of ours and yes I will admit I had a pout fest over them but it was more because I MISS going shelling!  Ireland and I would take long walks on our beloved NW Florida coast and find all sorts of fun treasures and of course this breaks my heart now as I think of our beloved beaches fighting such a nasty mess!  So at any rate I saw the shells- pouted- and took the ladies on memory lane.  Jen promised she would bring me some when we saw each other at convention- which I thought was the SWEETEST!  I told her I would bring some of my favorites- I have my prized shells and baskets with them.
So when this box came I was BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!  They are beautiful!  I love the colors, shapes, and textures!  I cannot wait to find a special home for them and when I look at them I will always think of my special friend- JEN!  LOVE YA!  My life is so enriched with all the amazing women I have met over the years and it is all because we share a love of paper creating and CTMH- how awesome is that?!?

Jen- the kids and I are pulling a special collection for you of our NW Florida Gulf treasures- hope you will enjoy them!  and I cannot wait to PARTY in DC and see all the amazing things CTMH has enstore for us!!!!!!

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Have a great day!!!!!

~Jennifer  :-)

and PS- doesn't Jen's card ROCK?!?  She used the new Passages Paper Set X7126B and the new stamp set Live Inspired C1408.  this stamp set is a MUST HAVE!

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