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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tis the Season!

Oh my goodness...December has been FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!! It seems I have been out of touch for awhile but I think that I am not alone! We have been busy, busy, BUSY! I love this time of year and getting all things ready for the Magical Holiday Coming.
Josh and I went out last friday for his office Christmas Party- that is where this photo was snapped. We hardly go out on dates so this was super fun and the kids loved having Shannon, their babysitter, come and play! I even dragged my hubby out on the dance floor for a couple of spins(and seriously could my hubby be any more handsome?!? sometimes it is not fair standing next to him! HA!).

I had two outings this month with the Belvoir Officer's Spouses Club. The first was a luncheon at Mount Vernon. We had a great time and it was fun to see Chef Roland's amazing Gingerbread House-amazing talent!!! The 2nd was our book club meeting. We had a great potluck brunch, great talk about the book that we all were in agreement was a little dry(interesting topic-just not executed well), and a fun gently used "naughty santa" book exchange. Somehow two of the books I choose were both taken but I am excited with the book I ended up with and I received a beautiful card with an Irish Christmas blessing- how perfect was that!?!

The kids have been busy too and I can tell we are all ready for Winter Break! Unfortunately their school does not get out until the 23rd at 1:30pm!!!! They have their holiday parties on the 22nd but I think I have decided that I am not sending them to school on the 23rd so we can sleep in, hang out in our jammies and do some baking and other fun things together!!!

The other bit of news is my camera has been going on the fritz lately. And come the night of the holiday Party it just was not working- it was acting really goofy! The pictures all on this post are from dear friends that have shared their pics with me- THANK YOU!!!! Josh and I then got in a pretty hefty talk about what camera to get and all the fun that can be when you have different opinions! Tonight Santa(and my birthday) arrived early and I got a new camera!!!! We (or should I say me) decided on the Canon G11. I am pretty excited to start playing with it but feel like I should take a camera class- anybody want to join me?!?

I am looking forward to Friday. Patrick has a little presentation in the morning and then it is SCRAP N PLAY Day with my great customers!!! See the sideline to get details or email me for more details! I cannot wait to see everyone and have them come play in my organized room!

Hope you are enjoying the Season and taking time to do things that you and your family love!

~Jennifer :)


  1. What a fun and exciting month you are having. I'm with you on keeping the kids home on the 23rd. You've got to have at least one prep day with them before Christmas Eve, right? Have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Okay - first of all, you are both too cute for color tv and, second of all - everytime I read your great blog, the background is different. So great. I still can't figure that out with mine.
    I commend you on taking time out to actually ENJOY the holidays!

  3. LOVE the photo! WOW! Can't believe kiddos don't get out until 23rd. Zach gets out at 1:45 p.m. tomorrow!
    Congrats on new camera. I need a smaller one to take on night outs or something other than my Canon Rebel.

    Merry Christmas!