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Saturday, December 19, 2009

dreams do come true....

After living in Florida for about 5 years, I have longed for my kids to experience real snow and have fun with seasons! Well, I got my WISH- BIG TIME! Northern Virginia got a huge snowstorm today! It has been snowing since late Friday night and it just doesn't seem like it will stop-YIPPEEE!!! The kids have been out three times and Josh has shoveled the driveway 3 times! At 3:00pm he measured 17inches of fluffy white stuff! I wonder what our measurement will be tomorrow?!? Even our Westie enjoyed playing in the snow! She took off running and was so full of excitement- super cute!
Here are some pictures from our winter wonderland......


  1. Hey Jennifer, can you send some snow to Oregon? Ok more specifically Oregon City area. Thanks in advance.

  2. Oh I will keep you in my thoughts for some snow! We got 20 inches of fluffy white stuff! Happy Holidays to you Janice!

  3. I so wish we had some down here in Pearland, Texas, too!! My in-laws live in Colorado -- and they have made Snow Ice Cream with fresh fallen snow before...talk about GOOOODDD!!!