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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


So if you really know me you know that I cannot, I mean absolutely cannot, handle clutter and an unorganized house!!!! This time of year and before each kiddos birthday gets me in a mood to organize, pair down, and make room for new! And if you really know me then you know I am not 100% happy in this townhouse but I am making the most of it because deep down I know we will not be here forever! So you gotta make what you have work and every place that you are stationed at is what you make of it- heard this from a very wise Daddy of mine!!!

During Thanksgiving break, I had a night where I could not sleep well. Not sure if it was the cold medicine or my head so congested that sleeping did not make any sense- at any rate I laid there for hours trying to sleep and I had a VISION! It was a vision with an answer for my basement that has caused me such fits because there just didn't seem enough room for the kids and me- it is a very small townhouse basement. So I woke up with a plan and very excited to put my plan into work but the biggest obstacle to this plan was having Josh on board because I needed his help. Um I mean his muscles! :) LOL! Thankfully he was on board to try it and give it a whirl.

and here is the scrapbooker, memory keeper in me that WISHES I had a photo of what that space looked like before because it would give you a HUGE appreciation of how fabulous it looks now!!!! So with some pieces moved, a new shelf and some tweeking....I finally have a space that is starting to be a long the lines of what will work for me and the kids!

And my biggest goal was to give the kids more space as space is a premium here and we had SUCCESS!!!! (so now fingers crossed that we can extend our lease here for 2 more years since we think we will be here that much longer....)

Here is my Space....

And here is my own personal way I store my paper- I have fallen in love with VERTICAL STORAGE(by Cropper Hopper)! IT ROCKS! I have tried the towers with the clear plastic storage bins but I just don't know what is in there and after starting to switch to Vertical...I will tell you I can fit more this way and have a better understanding of what I have to work with! So here is what I do-

All Cardstock gets put in a Holder organized by Color. Then my Background and Texture Papers go into a Vertical Storage Holder that has dividers- oh this rocks! So take Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Collection for instance- I take out all the Cardstock and put it where it belongs. Then I take the remaining Background and Texture Paper and put it in its own Divided Section. LOVE IT! I am slowly (gotta work in the budget) working over to this system 100%.

So there is a little insight into my crazy world and how OCD I can really be! :) I am thinking this will be a MAJOR help to my loss of artisitc and creative drive! Now if I didn't have a "To-Do" List a MILE LONG!!! My next goal is a personal assistant- not holding my breath but that would be the ULTIMATE! :)

Happy December Friends!
~Jennifer :)


  1. LOVE IT! Wow, you have a whole new "space" downstairs-I can see your creative flair will come right back with your new outlook on your space. :) I am soooo the same way-clutter=irritation and frustration and non productiveness for me.....way to go Jennifer. Looking forward to getting together over the holidays~ Hugs! A :)

  2. Great job on organizing. You are an overachiever!!!! Love your new blog background too! You got it going on GF!