excited to share all the stories from our house and my creative endeavors! I hope this blog will inspire you to find that Creative Diva that is in all of us!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Okay...I am taking the JUMP!!!

I still cannot believe that I have created my own blog! I am really excited to share all the stories from our house and my creative endeavors! I hope this blog will inspire you to find that Creative Diva that is in all of us!

Some of you may ask...how I decided upon this name for my blog?!? As an Executive Manager and Independent Consultant with Close To My Heart we get to name our teams- that is the ladies that I recruit- we all become a team and I help each one of them reach their goals and have fun sharing and creating together. So when I started my team back in 2006 I was stumbling for a name...and I decided upon The Crafting Divas. The Crafting Divas and Close to My Heart represents an outlet in my life- something that I have worked hard and created myself and the accomplishments are tangible. So much in a stay at home Mom's life seems to be taken for granted, routine, and expected. I love being at home, don't miss understand me it was the best decision I have ever made but there was a little voice inside of me in 2005 that was yearning for something- adult conversation, creative inspiration, a way out of the house to have fun, and an open invitaiton for others to come over and have fun with me. That is what Close To My Heart has brought to my life and more! Sometimes it really is hard for me to put into words but it has been a huge blessing to me. So, I look on my team and anyone I meet as all able to tap into that Creative Diva inside of us- we all have a voice, we all want to share, and most of all we want to be treated extra special...DIVA FOR A DAY! :)

This Diva is a PROUD Mommy of the two most adorable and sweet kiddos in the world, I know I am not biased or anything- Ireland and Patrick. Oh how much fun they are and how much trouble they can get into! They certainly keep life interesting and FUN! Just they way that Josh and I like it. Josh and I have been married for 10 1/2 years. He is the LOVE of my life and I feel blessed to walk with him, share with him, and create our path together. Amazing to think that I met Josh the summer before my Sophomore year of College and before his Junior Year. We dated for 2 years and then had a year long engagement while I finished school at the University of Northern Colorado and he began his Active Duty Career in the Air Force at Dayton, Ohio. It was a long year for both of us but it helped foster a deep friendship and ability to overcome long distances and things that we cannot control because for those of you that are in the military you very well know that is the path we walk.

So that is a little about me and my family....I look forward to sharing more and posting lots of artwork! I have a feeling this blog is going to inspire me to stay on top of my creating and taking pictures of it! tee-hee....
Have a great day!

***and thanks to my friend Janis for helping me put this name together for my blog!


  1. I am honored to be the very first post on your blog. I can't wait to see all of the fun things you create and read about your darling little family. Thanks for following my blog and for always making me feel special. You're a doll!

  2. Welcome to the blogging world-glad you are here!

  3. Hey girlie! Love the blog! I am anxious to read and see more. Love you and miss you GF!!

  4. Welcome to the blogging world and I love your background *wink wink*! :o) Great minds think alike, right?! I look forward to checking out your future postings!